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About myself:Hello.

My name is Oliver Knagge, living in a small town in Northern Germany. Currently I'm studying "Enviromental sciences with focus on Geomatics, computer cartographic modelling and remote sensing (interpretation of satellite imageries)".

Starting with an Amstrad "Schneider" CPC 6128 at the age of 7 I grew up with computers the whole time. Later I bought several AMIGA computers by the time they were released in Germany.

Within the last years I became a gaming collector and until today my personal collection consist of nearly 3500 originally boxed titles (about 90% AMIGA software). I focus on AMIGA software in general but also I'm very intersted in some interesting companies and their released titles for ANY platform. These are: INTERSTEL / Cygnus KOEI Magnetic Scrolls Level 9 Computing SSI SSG and Tolkien related games...

If you looking for ANY Amiga title or any of these platforms feel free to contact me. I have always games for trading and still interested in buying games.

I'm new to the Moby world - as I'm more dealing with - a german Database dealing with vintage software, too. I'm also a contributor to this page.