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About myself:As a Senior Project Manager with an experience more than 10 years, during my years in my previous companies I took active part in several aspects of localization. Apart from being a project manager, I took part as the head of linguistic testing & DTP departments, I have managed several teams of linguists and technical staff who performed testing of major software products in order to achieve final cosmetic and functional quality and I have worked with teams on a big scale. The best qualifications I gained over my years there was versatility and multi tasking, switching from one different task to other without losing concentration, effective decision taking, analytical skills which help me a lot to analyse all sorts of different scenarios and predict their possible outcomes.

Up until now, I've successfully brought large projects to an end and started working on the new ones without any hesitation while working with several big teams (both internal and external) and managing them at the same time. At the moment I am responsible for working with big and important clients in the gaming industry so I can confidently mention that my experience and expertise renders this possible.