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About is a hobby/side-project where I create new versions of classic arcade games using open web standards like HTML5, JavaScript (ECMAScript 5 compatibility, so I can support IE11) and CSS - i.e., no Flash required.

Hopefully the site will appeal to both retro and modern gamers. To this end I generally create two versions of games: a "classic" version, with mechanics that attempt to closely match the original arcade game, and a "modern" version, that's generally a bit more forgiving on earlier levels to allow people to get into the game.

If you're interested in my games, so far I've written versions of Star Castle and Asteroids. My take on Star Castle is called Star Citadel, and can be found at:

My take on Asteroids is called Shoot The Rocks, and is at:

I'm also working on a version of Space Invaders, called Invaders Must Fry, which I'm hoping to make available in beta soon.

If you have any questions or suggestions about my games, please do feel free to contact me.