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About myself:It's time to update this description again. I am an enthousiastic programmer who loves the demoscene and sometimes plays oldschool and newschool games too. My first experience as a gamer was on an Amstrad CPC 6128. As a demoscene coder I started watching and coding demos in a 486 PC. Later I moved on coding demos for other oldschool (CPC, C64) and newschool platforms (PC, Gamepark).

I work in my spare time as a freelance coder at a casual game company called Dot Red Games - www.dotredgames.com

My other sites and blogs where you can find more information about me are here:

http://www.codeverse.gr (will be updated soon with new content)

http://optimus6128.blogspot.com (primary blog with feelings and thoughts)

http://plasmafun.blogspot.com (game/demo rants)

http://gatestodelirium.blogspot.com (used to be a crazy site, now has updates about what I am currently working on)