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Atari 50

Brandon Cobb

E-Mail Address:(private)
Contribution Rating:1836 (ranked 346th; 176 in last year)
Homepage: http://www.diskman.com/
Member SinceOct 30, 1999
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Location:San Diego, United States United States flag
About myself:Weaned on the iconic Apple IIc and eventually "graduating" to the IBM-PC, my favorite video games are from the heyday of DOS. However I also have a soft spot for the Sega Genesis and its cohorts, which had a large part in my founding Super Fighter Team: a company which strives to produce fun new titles for discontinued platforms.

I'm borderline obsessive about obscure games produced by small firms -- particularly those based in Taiwan and South Korea -- and the often fascinating stories behind their development. Sometimes those stories are actually better than the games themselves! I'm also an avid traveler, frequently finding myself having wacky adventures in one foreign country or another.

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