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Jacques Guy

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Member SinceApr 12, 2004
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About myself:I honestly do not remember which was the first computer game I ever played. Not even on what computer. An IBM 370, a Univac 1108, or a DEC-KL10? Was the game Hammurabi? Was it Wumpus?

Later, much later, I got sucked deep into Civilization, to the point of playing it for one stretch of 24 hours non-stop, got pretty miffed when one of my tanks got totalled by a Barbarian Diplomat, when a Zulu Diplomat stole Space Travel from one of my cities, and they started building a space ship, having only just discovered Fire (well, not exactly, it's artistic licence), and so I wrote a saved-game editor in Turbo Pascal, to change the properties of military units.

That was the beginning of a not-so-beautiful love-hate relationship between yours faithfully and computer games. Consider these reviews as pictures of the many babies born of this relationship.