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About myself:Hi Everyone, my name is Eugene and I teach English and make music in my free time.

I first found out about Mobygames around 2006 when I was bored and really wanted to try a new video game. I probably used the Random Game option quite a lot back in the day. Jump to 2018, I saw that some interesting games were lacking good screenshots and figured I could help with that.

So I was only planning to add a few screenshots but that idea backfired :)

I mostly enjoy playing RPGs and Adventure Games and I love finding out more about games released in Mainland China and Taiwan. Apart from that, my interests include retro JRPGs released for Windows and Neo Geo Pocket Color games (Hope to add more of them here in due time)

Anyway, if you liked anything that I've contributed here or think that I've gotten something wrong, feel free to improve the submissions and let me know about that. I appreciate any feedback and help given!