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About myself:Greetings, fellow ultimate life forms, I welcome you to my humble profile!

Hergezod (best read with a thick German accent) has surfaced because his human side didn't bother playing The Granstream Saga when he had the chance (And the blasphemous fool had two chances to buy the game cheap back in the day!)

This is what excuses the human came up with:
1) T
2) H
3) Q

After having seen the light (that spoke to him and said that not all THQ games sucked) he took it upon himself to get more people to give the game a try. While many people will probably consider this game a weaker Quintet game (Hergezod shares this opinion but considers Illusion of Gaia the weakest game), it is quite enjoyable despite its questionable design choices and novel battle mechanics that aren't given enough incentive for players to repeatedly experience.

Hergezod also likes and wants to share more underrated or unknown games with the world. He is particularly interested in platforms like Android (Honestly believing that there's more to it than addictive pay-to-win junk as seen in multiple ads), NGPC, Windows and some deprecated technology which ran games in browsers. As for genres, he mainly plays RPGs, Adventure games, puzzle games and games with lovely looking 2D characters and backgrounds when he has the chance and will. He's also a big fan of games developed in China and Korea and documents interesting indie games from these countries from time to time.

Hergezod loves it when people share their thoughts and feelings about the games he adds, even if those aren't always positive, he also loves seeing that he's not alone in his love for all kinds of quirky titles and noticing how much some of these additions have changed over the years.

If reading this brought a smile on your face, made you chuckle or got you to try The Granstream Saga then Hergezod is happy! If you want to thank Hergezod for anything or just start up a conversation about games, go ahead and send him a message. He doesn't bite (he just pinches) and he'll be sure to write back when he has the chance!