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All Time Favorite

  • Alley Cat -- There are programmers that have enjoyed shorter lifespans than this feline minigame fiesta!
  • Archon: The Light and the Dark -- Just because a game is based on simple concepts doesn't mean it can't enjoy endless nuance
  • Beyond the Tesseract -- This game could be a final exam for first-year university
  • Bishi Bashi Special -- The future looks like a big step back, but it's so damned fun no one minds.
  • Bubble Bobble -- The individual triumphs can be overlooked but their overwhelming sum has never since been topped.
  • Chrono Trigger -- After much practice, Square catches the ball! Then gets back to dropping it.
  • Dark Castle -- A more elegant counter to "the Mac is not a game machine" you will not find.
  • Donald Duck's Playground -- All that and it was educational, too?
  • Dune -- I can't to this day sleep after starting this game without completing it.
  • Executive Suite -- Akin to a profession-themed expansion set to Alter Ego
  • F.Godmom -- Sometimes you have to mix a lot of strange elements to achieve something that almost seems natural
  • Hero's Quest: So You Want to Be a Hero -- The perfect intersection of adventure game and RPG
  • Hidden Agenda -- A subtle affirmation of the middle road
  • Imogen -- The game murmured at the back of my head for 15 years until I found it again and finished it
  • Impossible Mission -- A high point of a certain generation of technology and genre
  • Jump 'n Bump -- Deathmatch without all the overhead
  • Loom -- So innovative, the possibilities it blasted open still languish unexplored
  • Planescape: Torment -- An example of what can be achieved if you don't settle for making "only a game"
  • Pyro II -- This game nearly plays itself, but still it compels...
  • Shade -- Curiously, that above description applies here as well
  • Sid Meier's Colonization -- If all edutainment could be executed as elegantly, we would all be pickety geniuses
  • Star Control II -- See how far you can take Archon?
  • Sword of Aragon -- A multiplayer version of this would clean up, even today... even if it was still coded in QBasic!
  • Warlords II -- Because sometimes you just want to sit down and take over a world during a coffee break