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Matthew Broussard

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Member SinceOct 25, 2004
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About myself:Hi, my name is Matthew Broussard, and I'm a Nintendo freak. No, not a video game freak. A NINTENDO freak. Ask me about Nintendo's pre-videogame history, ask me what Shigeru Miyamoto's favorite food is, who Kazumi Totaka is, why Donkey Kong from Donkey Konga is not Donkey Kong from the arcade game Donkey Kong, or what fuels Samus Aran's deep hatred for Ridley, I'll probably know. Ask me anything about the origins of the Triforce, what the first Pokémon Ash Ketchum caught was, or what Shigesato Itoi's greatest inspiration was when creating the Earthbound/Mother games, and I'll probably know.

I'm just a geek like that. I'm the biggest video game freak in the world.

I'm also a Jesus freak.

I'm weird, I'm different, and I don't give a damn if people don't like it. I love Jesus, and that's what (I hope) is the biggest part of my heart, not useless video game trivia. Without a relationship with Jesus Christ, I'm lost. He picked me up from the mire, dragged my sorry ass from a world of pain, splashed some water on my face.....and loved me. He actually died for me, a horrible, painful death. That's what I believe, anyway. Everyone should believe something, or there's nothing to live for. I believe in Him. He died for me, and then rose from the dead, proving that the world couldn't keep him down, and, consequently, can't keep me down, either. .........because He's my best friend in the world. Thanks, Jesus. :) I'll always believe in you, and I want you by my side forever, and we'll take this world on one day at a time.

If you'd like to know about Him, I'd be glad to share more with you. All you need to do really is tell Him that you want a relationship with him; just tell him. No repetitious prayers or holy sacrements or anything, just tell him that you're sorry for you're sins (come on, you''ve made mistakes just like everyone else who's ever lived, admit it), and invite him to live inside of you as the Lord of your life, because you want a relationship with him. He'll be your guide, and your best friend, if you just get to know him! :)

Get an easy to understand Bible, the New International Version or Contemporary English Version. They're all the same words of God, and they'll all change your life the more and more you read them. The word of God is powerful, and if you'd like a relationship with him, it's imperative that once you ask him to be your friend and to save you from your sins, you get a Bible and read a little bit every day. And your life will change for the better, just like mine did, you'll see! You have nothing to lose. :)