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About myself:My real name is Jorge and I'm Argentinian. For now, my little contribution for MG will be reviews about less popular games, and "unfairly rated" games (good or bad ones). Here below there is a short presentation of me, and a brief comment of my history with games and my vision about them.

I'm twenty-eight years old, and live in Cordoba (Argentina) with my twin brother. I'm electronics technician (currently studying engineering), and I work as employee of the government to earn my living.

My main hobbies are: watching and playing Futbol; riding on mountain bike; reading Ray Bradbury, Conan Doyle, Tom Clancy, and the fantastic philosophy of Arthur Schopenhauer; listening to electronic music (my favorites composer: Tiesto, Benno De Goeij and Ferry Corsten, when they were inspired near year 2000); also, I like watching movies (although lately the quality of films in general is strongly and progressively going down, compared to the ones of '80s and '90s).

My first contact with the world of videogames was when I was ten with a 8-bit console. A couple of years later I acquired the great Sega Genesis with which I enjoyed only platform games (mainly Disney's). Although my passion about videogames never disappeared, finally Disney's platforms became extinct and I was without to be able to play for a while...

...until finally the PC comes to my home on 1997. Then, I decided to try something new. I decided to play Monkey Island 3. A graphic adventure. My first graphic adventure. I understood since then that maybe the world of videogames doesn't only limit to platform and car racing games. Now, my vision about games has arrive even beyond graphic adventure, enjoying and admiring games as different between themselves as Ghost Recon and The Last Express.

I particularly look for games whose stories shall be their main attractive (story-driven games). Therefore, most of games that I play are adventures and RPGs. However, I also enjoy some ones in which, although they are "type-cast" in genres whose "story" is almost inexistent, clearly their storytelling are fundamental part of their successes: Max Payne (action), No One Lives Forever (action), Homeworld (RTS) and Thief (action?), for example. But adventures and RPGs aren't only story; they have a gameplay. And a good or bad gameplay might destroy or exalt the experience in a transcendent way. That is why I also learned to understand (and enjoy) certain characteristics of games in general that aren't strict part of their "stories", but this characteristics sometimes by themselves can make fly our imagination and emotions to amazing levels: I refer to, besides gameplay, to visual and audio art, and the powerful combination between all this three elements.

Are also of my particular interest tactical-action games such as Rainbow Six series, Ghost Recon and SWAT 3. Also, since I'm an unconditional futbol lover (of the sport all alone, and not of the marketing show) and, humbly, a good and HONEST analyst about tactics, players, etc. (but not like "specialized" sports journalists: they know nothing at all!), I hope some day appear a game that conveys the feeling of be playing a real futbol match, and not a monotonous visual spectacle like FIFA series (I don't try Konami's game, yet).

Despite my principal preferences, I've played games from more diverse genres, and lots of them belong to my favorites of all time: GTA 3, Super Mario 64, Need For Speed 5: Porsche Unleashed, Links 2003, The Sims, among others. I clarify this in order to you understand that, although I've my prejudices, my tastes and criterion in order to opine about games is not limited to just one genre, trademark or one over-hyped success.

In my "have lists" you'll find ALL games I've played, in three lists: "My very favorites" (the most), "Very good and good games" and "Waste of time". You are invited to look at them.

Finally, altough it's very difficult to make my Top-Ten list because I enjoyed a lot every one of them, I've tried to mention a few of each genre in the list here to the right. However, don't forget to check out my complete favorite list below!