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About myself:This is a brief history of my gaming interests. So if it sounds crazy and obsessive, that's partly because I am that way, and partly because this blurb is intentionally lopsided.

My love of video games began in Poland, in 1986, when I was 6 years old. Back then, I lived with my family in the former Soviet Union, and we were on our first trip abroad together. In Krakow, I happened upon a hole-in-the-wall video-game parlor, and a Raiden-like game whose name I now forget. Every morning, I would force my father to take me there. We made an agreement: he would buy me 5 tokens each day and I wouldn't ask for any more. I kept my word (actually, I'm sure I whined quite a bit), but when we got back to St. Petersburg, I quickly set my sights on a state-of-the-art TSR-80 machine, and it wasn't more than a couple of years before I convinced my father to buy me one. After that, I spent every Saturday patiently waiting for games to load from a cassete deck (thick blue and white lines scrolling across the screen were a good sign, fuzzy grey and white spelled doom and frustration), and playing for hours while trying to keep my mother from chasing me outside. After moving to the States in 1992, my family bought a used Tandy 286. I would rush home after school to play Wing Commander before my parents came home. There was a Sega Genesis around the house too, but I didn't know about Phantasy Star at the time, and could never really get into the really popular games, like Sonic and the first Mortal Kombat. Still, having the system was worth it, because I had gone and bought Shining Force, more or less by accident. The game was a religious experience; I still remember the smell of the instruction booklet (they must have sprayed it with some chemical -- smelling it was a little too addictive). After that came more computers, and more good games -- Ascendancy, HMM, MOO, Baldur's Gate, Fallout 1&2... Recently, I've been playing ealry console RPGS -- SNES and Genesis games like the Phantasy Stars and Chrono Trigger, as well as Playstation RPGs.