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jeff witty

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About myself:I'm a Canadian Systems admin and gaming freak. I loves stuff from my childhood, especially older gaming systems and old XT/AT/386 systems. I recently got this: A "real" XT 8086 clone: Juko Turbo motherboard (thats all i know lol, has AT keyboard port, floppy connector, 2 serial ports and a parallel port, six 8-bit isa slots) 10mhz 8086 (nec v30, the common 8086 upgrade) with 10mhz 8087 fpu 640kb memory (pretty standard) a lo-tech 2mb EMS card (8-bit isa, modern, for EMS/XSM etc memory needs) a Cirrus Logic CL-GD5420 1024kb VGA video card (8-bit isa, best video card for 8-bit isa) a Creative labs, SoundBlaster 2.0 (8-bit isa, best sound card for 8-bit isa) a Network card with ethernet (8-bit isa, about 10mb/sec, allows FTP and internet access) a lo-tech XTIDE card with 8GB SSD formatted into four 2GB Fat16 partitions (8-bit isa card, modern, & 8gb KingSpec IDE 8GB 2.5" SSD, modern) a gotek floppy drive usb floppy emulator (connects to floppy port, uses usb stick/drive as floppy) an IDE Dual layer DVD-RW drive (because installing from "usb floppy" is still slower than disc, and capacity of cd's/dvd's) running PC-DOS 2000 and windows 3.1 build 34e "janus" (last "real mode only" supported version windows)