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About myself:My name is Matthew Jones and I live in Minnesota, United States. I am a huge video game fan and have been since I was seven years old.

My favorite game series is Fire ProWrestling. I have played these games for long play sessions and they are so fun. I have lost interest in actual prowrestling for awhile now, but I still love to play Fire ProWrestling.

I also enjoy brawler games (especially Final Fight) and overhead shooter games like 1942 and sideview shooter games like R*Type. I also like Konami lightgun games Lethal Enforcers and Police 911.

An odd hobby of mine is studying Taito. I play all the Taito games I can get my hands on. I wish I could play there Lets Go By Train games. Those look awesome. Sad that only Japan gets to experience those things, as I think any American arcade owner who imported one would be locked up just for being too cool.

If I could make one of my gaming wishes come true (all hardcore gamers have game wishes) it would be that Capcom would make more Final Fights. In a perfect world, we would be up to Final Fight XI. (I am not talking about USA made 3D Final Fight. That looks good, but I am specifically talking about 2D, handdrawn, Osaka made Final Fight, nothing else would suffice for this game wish.)