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About myself:My name is Serdar Copur. I am a Game Designer / Producer with many years of experience in producing interactive entertainment titles. I spent some of those years at Electronic Arts, working on top titles such as SimCity 3000, SimSafari and SimCopter. After EA, I decided to take the road less traveled and became involved with several start-up companies. I produced everything from top notch internet gaming portals ( to interactive entertainment titles based upon film licenses (Sinbad).

In a nutshell, I am a hardcore gamer. I love gaming across all genres and mediums. I have been playing electronic games since the Intellivision era. I grew up creating text adventure games on my Apple IIc. I was rendering animated cut-scenes on my 386 PC with 8 Meg's of RAM. I spend more time playing games than anyone I know. On my tombstone, it will read "He had game." Needless to say, I bring a great deal of professional and personal expertise to any venture...but more importantly...I bring passion. My love of gaming shines through in my work.