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Mickael Pointier

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Contribution Rating:140 (tied for 1370th; 1 in last year)
Member SinceJul 28, 2001
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Location:Oslo, Norway Norway flag
About myself:After having discovered computing on old 8 bit computers at the local club around 1982, I bought an Oric Atmos and started to learn programming, and eventualy made few attempts at making games.

In 1986, I bought an Atari 520 ST, and started making demos, under the pseudonym "Dbug II" first in the crew "TTZP Inc" then in "NeXT" where we release some famous demos like "The Charts", and "The Phaleon GigaDemo". With a friend we also started coding some games (Euphoria) for a small company called Expose Software.

During that time I was preparing a diplom in computing, and in 1995 I started working for real in the video game industry, at Adeline Software where I worked on Time Commando (both on PC and PlayStation), then on the playstation port of Little Big Adventure.

In 1997 I leaved Adeline for HelioVisions productions (now called Doki Denki Studios), where I've done few things on Hexplore, but mostly worked on libraries that will be used on the Smurfs and on the tools used to create the Smurfs.

In 1998, I moved to Eden Studios in order to work on the DreamCast version of VRally 2. Due to some timing problem I had to switch on the PlayStation version first, this beeing the reason of a DreamCast released pushed to the year 2000.

Since them I'm still working at Eden Studios on a PlayStation 2 arcade/action game.

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