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About myself:I got my first gaming console back in -79, a Soundic SD050S -clone called "programmable tv-game". Even though I owned soon-to-be-a-classic Pong, I spent most of my early years shooting squares on my TV (it actually came with a light gun!).

I then turned my back to consoles and moved to computers. First came the c64 years, then the amiga years and finally my pc era, in which I'm still stuck today.

My sister had NES and its games sucked in comparison to my amiga games, so I doomed gaming consoles to an eternal failure. Turns out I suck in predictions.

I spend my gaming hours equally between the old classics (thank god for emulators!) and the latest and greatest. I bought a new gaming PC last christmas. My gf didn't think that spending $2000 to a computer was such a good idea, so she almost killed me when she caught me from playing Police Quest 1 (original version) with my brand new toy :)

So anyway, my nick is Viritys and I'm a gaming addict.