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About myself:Hi, there! My name is Rachel Blenkin, but you can always call me, Katara. I was born on the seventh of September within the year of 1993. I currently live in Newcastle, United Kingdom.

I look for great adventures and storytelling in video games. Also, they should have deep gameplay and beatiful graphics, depending on which video games console.

I have a collection of video games, that are old and new. So it doesn't matter what it says on my Rap Sheet. I've just done that, in order to make this look more morden.

I am also willing to trade video games that I have now finished, and no longer needing them. If you have any questions about these video games, feel free to send me a message, whenever you like.

I also like watching Japanese anime. The best anime for me is Naruto. I enjoy watching the Uncut Edition, in English language.

My nickname is taken from a character in the spin off title to a Japanese animated television series, Avatar: The last Airbender. Katara is taken from Catarata itself. Which is Spanish for 'Waterfall'.

One day, I'm gonna become Hokage. Believe it! I'm gonna be respected in my village, that's my true dream! Everyone will look up to me! My name's Uzumaki, Naruto Uzumaki.