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Andrew Dunn

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About myself:My long story of computers starts back when I was about 7, it was a frosty christmas morning and I was really excitied about my presents. And in our family we have a tradition that we leave the big presents till last any they where always downstairs. So I got a bike and my little brother got a bike and my big brother got a thing. Now I didn't know what this thing was apart from it was called "Atari". My dad kept blabbing on about RAM or something and I couldn't get my head round of what it acctually did, so they got it out the box set it up on my tele and played on it.

Now till this point in my life I had no idea what a computer game was but I fell instantly in love with it I always ran home from school and I couldn't wait to get on it. This is where I found my favorite game titles of all time such as "Another World", "Magic Pockets" and "Prince of Persia". And I have never got bored on computers since.

I now own a 1000mhz with 128mb RAM and still play these wonderful games for the PC. I mean sure I play like Counter-Strike and Un-real but my heart really lies in Classic platform games.