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Grim Fandango puzzle design document released by Tim SchaferTim Schafer made available his original puzzle design document for the game on the Double Fine site, commemorating ten years...Nov 11, 2008
Hideo Kojima set to receive Lifetime Achievement AwardThe Game Developers Conference will bestow the award to Kojima during the event. The Metal Gear creator will also deliver...Feb 20, 2009
Humble Indie Bundle goes open-sourceThe Humble Indie Bundle is a compilation of six independent games available to be purchased on-line for a limited time,...May 15, 2010
PETA vs. MamaAggressive animal rights group PETA recently released the Flash-based parody Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals of the Cooking Mama series...Nov 24, 2008
Return to Monkey IslandReturn to Monkey Island Like the ghost pirate LeChuck, the Monkey Island franchise will be once again brought back to...Jun 13, 2009
Uwe Boll to receive lifetime dishonor by the RazziesUwe Boll, the German director infamous for his film adaptations of video game titles, is set to receive the Worst...Jan 27, 2009