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Decades of Origin history preservedIn a story that will bring a tear to any archivist's eyes, Mythic Entertainment gave the WCNews crew permission to...Aug 12, 2008
The Cool CamThe larger the gaming industry gets, the harder it is to push projects through to the finish line. Some projects...Aug 19, 2007
Even our blogs have blogsThe MobyGames news and forum sections have loyal followings of users and contributors, but I'm always tickled to see that...Apr 01, 2007
The Digital Game CanonWhile I missed the actual presentation for this at GDC because of illness, the New York Times has written up...Mar 14, 2007
GDC: Security and Privacy in gamesI had the opportunity to observe an industry roundtable here at GDC regarding security and privacy in games, specifically regarding...Mar 08, 2007
GDC: Quick first day impressionsThe first day of talks are over, with mobile gaming and serious games being some of the major tracks, with...Mar 05, 2007
Yellow ConsolesVintagecomputing is running an excellent detective story that tries to answer why consoles turn yellow and what you can do...Feb 22, 2007
Hardware bugsLong before we designed MobyGames, one of my hobbies was restoring old computer hardware; now that MobyGames is successful, it...Feb 09, 2007
And the laws just keep on comingYesterday, North Carolina Senator Julia Boseman proposed a video game bill designed to restrict the access of minors to violent...Feb 09, 2007
The history of computers -- in commercialsAs someone who grew up through this era -- and was mostly defined by it -- I just had to...Feb 02, 2007
Demoscene heroes move on to code gamesSome people still recognize me from the demoscene and as the guy who made both MindCandy DVDs. So I was...Feb 02, 2007
Series madnessHot on the heels of the previous article by IGN regarding the evolution of the Final Fantasy series, they've written...Feb 01, 2007
Keeping Final Fantasy StraightIGN recently published an article on the evolution of Final Fantasy games. Which I'm glad they did, since I could...Feb 01, 2007
Producer rips off demoscene electronic music composer, makes millionsThose who know me from a former life know that I was heavily involved with the demoscene in the 1990s...Jan 16, 2007
First home console game entered into MobyGamesI'm pleased to announce that the very first video game for a modular home console, Table Tennis for the Odyssey,...Jan 05, 2007
PS2 to outsell PS3 in 2007... AND is commenting on a story in BusinessWeek that the PS2 is likely to outsell PS3 for the next two...Jan 04, 2007
Video games satisfy a psychological needSeveral news organizations, including the CBC, are reporting on the results of a University of Rochester study that shows that...Dec 29, 2006
Next-gen games and their next-gen pricingEver wondered why PS3 and Xbox 360 games cost $10 more than the current industry standard pricing? In another 29, 2006
Cheating is good for youAnother surprise from Forbes, Mia Consalvo has written an article on why cheating in video games is good for you....Dec 27, 2006
Yes, Virginia, you CAN get paid to play gamesForbes -- one of the last places I would expect to see information like this -- has a very helpful...Dec 27, 2006
Study finds in-game advertising mostly ineffective2old2play, a website I rapidly find myself identifying with, is reporting that a London-based organization called Bunnyfoot did a study...Dec 23, 2006
Moving to Hi-Def may lag your gameplayA co-worker with a fairly expensive home theater setup asked me over to his house the other day to troubleshoot...Dec 20, 2006
You are in a maze of software shelves, all alikeJoystiq is reporting that Microsoft's Games for Windows plan, which is their effort to get all Xbox 360 and Windows...Dec 20, 2006
Nintendo releases Wii emulation titles and pricingAs reported by DailyTech, Nintendo has released the number of emulated consoles (NES, SNES, N64, Genesis, and TurboGrafx16) as well...Nov 02, 2006
CGW is dead... Long Live CGW!As previously reported, Computer Gaming World, the oldest and longest running magazine on personal computer gaming since 1981, was officially...Oct 18, 2006
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