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MobyGames NewsThe original creators of the "Tex Murphy" series of games are trying to generate enough interest in Tex so that...Dec 17, 2001
MobyGames NewsFor all those who live in America: Happy Turkey Day! I would've put up a Thanksgiving-related Game of the Week...Nov 23, 2001
MobyGames NewsIn case you didn't scroll all the way down :-) there's a new feature article up by John "Exodus" Robertson...Nov 11, 2001
MobyGames NewsMark Isaacson, a longtime MobyGames contributor, is working on a project that needs your help. He's asking fans, developers, writers...Nov 02, 2001
MobyGames NewsTrivia for the day: We just surpassed 2500 companies in the database.Oct 23, 2001
MobyGames NewsIt's official: MAT, our resident Croatian maniac, is the first MobyUser to crack the 10,000 contribution point ceiling. Way to...Oct 15, 2001
MobyGames NewsBelboz has just been getting jiggy with advertising blurbs! For example, check out the advertising blurbs for our Infocom entries,...Oct 13, 2001
MobyGames NewsSilly trivia: The previous newsflash was our 300th. Yes, MobyGames is committed to keeping you informed about what goes on...Oct 13, 2001
MobyGames NewsAs life attempts to return to normal, we are slowly starting to get back into the swing of regular approvals....Sep 20, 2001
MobyGames NewsHere's some interesting fallout from the recent events, sent to us from Dear Majestic Player, EA has temporarily suspended...Sep 12, 2001
MobyGames NewsNo doubt the world is aware of recent events, so I won't go into them right now. But thankfully, the...Sep 12, 2001
MobyGames NewsEvery single screenshot we've received in the last 48 hours has kicked ass -- proper encoding (GIF for 256 colors...Sep 01, 2001
MobyGames NewsNew feature article up today: MobyGames user Unicorn contributed an article that lists the past, present, and hopeful future for...Aug 20, 2001
MobyGames NewsSigh... It's official: Dynamix is no more. Papyrus and Impressions, however, have survived Sierra's reorganization. Here's an excerpt from the...Aug 20, 2001
MobyGames NewsFor those of you trying to add an entry for Echelon (the recent game by Bethesdea Softworks) and were getting...Aug 17, 2001
MobyGames NewsRumor has it that Dynamix, long incorporated into Sierra Studios, was just let go. Could someone confirm or deny this...Aug 10, 2001
MobyGames NewsAfter a flurry of new game approvals (over 40), I'm pleased to announce that we've broken the 4000 game entry...Jul 31, 2001
MobyGames NewsNew feature article, courtesy of Mark Isaacson: A pocket history (pun intended) of the Game Boy. If you've ever wondered...Jul 27, 2001
MobyGames NewsAfter resolving a screenshot dispute, I thought I'd mention some general policy that we'll document later in the FAQ: We...Jul 19, 2001
MobyGames NewsHappy Friday the 13th! Other websites may be clutching their rabbit's feet, throwing salt over their shoulder, and knocking on...Jul 13, 2001
MobyGames NewsI just approved what seems like a gazillion new reviews. Many old, some new. Check them out, as we have...Jul 06, 2001
MobyGames NewsHere's a bit of interesting solitaire trivia for you: What do you think is the first Klondike solitaire game for...Jun 08, 2001
MobyGames NewsSam Jeffreys helped remind me of one of the games I thought I remembered that maintains a persistent universe without...Jun 06, 2001
MobyGames NewsWhile chatting with Dave about an issue today, the topic of massively-multiplayer online-only games came up. He pointed out that...Jun 05, 2001
MobyGames NewsThis will be clarified more fully later in the Style Guide, but since there's been some mounting confusion about what...May 31, 2001
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