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HanseAmstrad CPC1986ariolasoft GmbH
Hans KlossCommodore 641992L.K. Avalon
Harold's MissionAmiga, DOS1995MarkSoft
HarpoonMacintosh1989Imagineer Co., Ltd., Personal Software Services, Three-Sixty Pacific, Inc.
Harpoon BattleSet 2: North Atlantic ConvoysAmiga, DOS1989Three-Sixty Pacific, Inc.
Harpoon Battleset 3: The MED ConflictMacintosh1991Electronic Arts, Inc., Three-Sixty Pacific, Inc.
Harpoon BattleSet 4: Indian Ocean / Persian GulfAmiga, DOS, Macintosh1991Three-Sixty Pacific, Inc.
Harpoon Challenger Pak (Signature Edition)DOS, Macintosh1991Three-Sixty Pacific, Inc.
Harpoon Designers' Series: BattleSet EnhancerDOS, Macintosh1992Three-Sixty Pacific, Inc.
Harpoon Designers' Series II: Post-Graduate Naval Operations & TacticsDOS1993Three-Sixty Pacific, Inc.
Harpoon II: BattleSet 2 - WestPacDOS1994Three-Sixty Pacific, Inc.
Harpoon II: BattleSet 3 - Cold WarDOS, Macintosh1995IntraCorp, Inc., Three-Sixty Pacific, Inc., U.S. Gold Ltd.
Harpoon II Deluxe: Multimedia EditionDOS1996IntraCorp, Inc.
Harpoon Scenario EditorAmiga, DOS, Macintosh1989Three-Sixty Pacific, Inc.
HavocCommodore 64, ZX Spectrum1984Dynavision Productions
Hawaiian Odyssey: Scenery AdventureCommodore 641989subLOGIC
HeartlightAtari 8-bit1991Deco, Moon Doggie, Romware GmbH, xLand Games
HeimdallAcorn 32-bit1991Core Design Ltd., Corkers, JVC Musical Industries, Inc., Krisalis Software Ltd., Victor Entertainment Inc., Virgin Games, Inc.
The HelmZX Spectrum1985Firebird Software
Hex EmpireBrowser2007
HideousAmstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum1992Alternative Software Ltd.
High Energy 2Amstrad CPC1991Infogrames Europe SA, Infogrames Multimedia SA
HMS Cobra: Convois pour MourmanskThomson MO1986Cobra Soft
HopperOric, ZX811981Acornsoft Limited, Al Alamiah, Eaglesoft, Personal Software Services
The HulkApple II, BBC Micro, Commodore 16, Plus/4, Electron1984Adventure International (UK), Americana Software Limited, Commodore Business Machines, Inc, Load'N'Go Software
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