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RIB ChallengeBrowser2005
Rise 2: ResurrectionDOS, PlayStation1996Acclaim Entertainment, Inc., Acclaim Japan, Ltd.
Rise of the DragonAmiga, SEGA CD1990Activision Publishing, Inc., Dynamix, Inc., SEGA Enterprises Ltd., Sierra On-Line, Inc.
RobbbotAmstrad CPC1986ERE Informatique
Roberta Williams' King's Quest I: Quest for the CrownAmiga1990Kixx XL, Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Robinson's RequiemAmiga1994Daze Marketing Ltd., ReadySoft Incorporated, Silmarils, Songbird Productions
RoboSportMacintosh1991Ocean Software Ltd., Imagineer Co., Ltd., Maxis Software Inc.
Rock and Bach StudioDOS1993Binary Zoo Software, Inc.
Rock: A True StoryWindows2008
Rocko's QuestWindows2000Akaei plc, Big City Games, Dinamic Multimedia, S.A., Russobit-M, Strategy First, Inc.
RockyGame Boy Advance, GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox2002Rage Games Ltd., Success Corp., Ubi Soft Entertainment Software
Rode Kill: A Day in the LifeWindows2001Zombie Chow
Rode QuestWindows2002Shawno
Rode Quest 2: The Sweet Smell of StenchieWindows2003Shawno
Romance of the Three Kingdoms IXPlayStation 2, Windows2003KOEI Co., Ltd.
Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIIIWindows2002KOEI Co., Ltd.
Rome: Caesar's WillWindows2000Montparnasse Multimedia
RON 13:13^2: The ThickeningWindows2004
RON 13:13: RetaliationWindows2004
RON Quiz Part 1: Section A: RON CharactersWindows 3.x2002
Rose & Camellia 2Browser2008Nigoro
Rosemary West's House of FortunesDOS1993Villa Crespo Software, Inc.
ROTN Quiz GameWindows2003
Ruckus RouletteDOS1993Villa Crespo Software, Inc.
Rules of EngagementAmiga, DOS1991Mindcraft Software, Inc.
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