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Dr. Elementary

List Name: All My Games
Description: er.....all my games....

Games in List
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sorted in ascending orderGame TitleWill TradeComments
DOS (25 games total)
Alone in the DarkNogot it from pcgamer classic game CD
Caesar IINo
Death RallyNo
Duke Nukem IINogot it from pcgamer classic cd
Elder Scrolls: Chapter II - Daggerfall, TheNo
King's Quest III: To Heir is HumanNo
King's Quest II: Romancing the ThroneNo
King's Quest IV: The Perils of RosellaNo
Need for Speed, TheNo
Roberta Williams' King's Quest I: Quest for the CrownNogot it from pcgamer classic cd
Secret of Monkey Island, TheNo
Sid Meier's CivilizationNo
Sid Meier's ColonizationNo
SimCity 2000No
SimEarth: The Living PlanetNo
Sim FarmNo
Terminal VelocityNo
Ultima Underworld: The Stygian AbyssNo
Wing CommanderNo
Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the KilrathiNo
Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi - Speech Accessory PackNo
X-COM: UFO DefenseNo
Windows (65 games total)
Age of Empires II: The Age of KingsNo
Age of Empires II: The ConquerorsNo
Age of MythologyNo
Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of AmnNo
Baldur's Gate II: Throne of BhaalNo
Black & WhiteNo
Command & Conquer: GeneralsNo
Command & Conquer: Red AlertNo
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2No
Command & Conquer: Tiberian SunNo
Curse of Monkey Island, TheNo
Diablo IINo
Diablo II: Lord of DestructionNo
Dungeon KeeperNo
Dungeon Keeper 2No
Dungeon SiegeNo
Empire EarthNo
FIFA Soccer 2003No
Freedom ForceNo
Fritz 8No
Grand Theft AutoNo
Grand Theft Auto: Vice CityNo
Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2No
Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of ErathiaNo
Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Price of LoyaltyNo
Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession WarsNo
Icewind Dale IINo
Icewind Dale: The CollectionNo
Max PayneNo
Medieval: Total WarNo
Myth III: The Wolf AgeNo
Myth: The Total CodexNo
Neverwinter NightsNo
Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the UnderdarkNo
Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of UndrentideNo
No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s WayNo
Operative: No One Lives Forever, TheNo
Over the ReichNo
Planescape: TormentNo
Quake IINo
Railroad Tycoon IINo
Rise of NationsNo
RollerCoaster TycoonNo
Sid Meier's Alien CrossfireNo
Sid Meier's Alpha CentauriNo
Sid Meier's Civilization IIINo
Sid Meier's Civilization III: ConquestsNo
Sid Meier's Civilization III: Play the WorldNo
Sid Meier's Gettysburg!No
Sims: House Party, TheNo
Sims: Livin' Large, TheNo
Sims Online, TheNo
Sims, TheNo
Sims: Unleashed, TheNo
Sims: Vacation, TheNo
Star Trek: ArmadaNo
Star Trek: Voyager - Elite ForceNo
Star Wars: Knights of the Old RepublicNo
Unreal Tournament 2003No
WarCraft III: Reign of ChaosNo
WarCraft III: The Frozen ThroneNo
Worms World PartyNo
X-COM: ApocalypseNo
Windows 3.x (1 games total)
SimTower: The Vertical EmpireNo