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List Name: Saturn Collection
Description: List of Sega Saturn games I currently own.

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SEGA Saturn (24 games total)
Alien TrilogyYesOne of my favourite FPS on any system. It's a great port, in some ways superior to the Playstation version of the game.
Cyber Troopers Virtual OnNoAnother game with an awesome color disc. It's Japanese of course, and cost me next to nothing. I love importing.
DNoThis is actually the Japanese Satakore re-release. There was a massive price discrepancy between this version and the original, so I got this one until I could find the original cheaper.
Daytona USAYesWhat can I say? It's Daytona USA, it's a great port and one of my favourite Saturn games.
Daytona USA: Championship Circuit EditionYesI have two of these, one in significantly better condition than the other. I'll list the specifications for the better one.
Die Hard TrilogyYesA great game, just not a fantastic port. I almost gave up trying to find this in the wild until I managed to stumble across it one day.
LoadedYesI don't particularly care for this game. Gremlin weren't the most talented guys in the world and their slightly low quality games are testament to that. The case has an ugly white permanent mark on it I'll never be able to remove. It was cheap though.
Lost World: Jurassic Park, TheNoThis is an insanely difficult game to find, especially the PAL release. I was just desperate to play it, so I bought the disc off eBay intending to grab a case for it somewhere down the line.
Need for Speed, TheYesI was very excited when I saw this on the shelf. I love the EA VHS box design and this particular release came with a Sega Flash disc! A great find.
NiGHTS into Dreams...YesThis is a Japanese first print of the game that I managed to pick up at an insanely low price. I was stoked by this, if only the original case wasn't cracked.
Resident EvilYesI had been struggling to find this game in the wild, when I couldn't find it I relented and bought a copy off Ebay. This was about the time my first Mark 2 suffered a dead laser. This PAL release has one of the excellent hard plastic snap cases.
Resident EvilYesThis is Biohazard. I managed to pick this up at the same time I got NiGHTS into Dreams from Japan. In my opinion the manual is a lot better in the Japanese release than the European one, which seems to be the case with a lot of games.
RoboticaYesThis isn't Robotica, this is Daedalus. This is another bargain I got from Japan. The Japanese release is essentially identical to the western one and even features the same American voice over, only with subtitles for a Japanese audience. It also has a color disc! I love it.
SEGA Rally ChampionshipYesIt's not in fantastic condition. It works fine however and was a bargain, there are tons of these floating around in Australia, it gets tiresome seeing them in the wild all of the time.
Sonic JamYesThis was an incredibly expensive pick up, and after I bought it I saw it on eBay for about 30 dollars cheaper. I was glad to get it though and it's in near mint condition, which is rare for a PAL release of this game.
Sonic RYesI got this around the same time I got Sonic Jam and I ended up having to spend more on this than I did on Sonic Jam. I was desperate to acquire these two though so I didn't mind paying this much for them.
Spot Goes to HollywoodYesFrankly, this game is shit and I feel like I paid too much for it. Whatever though, bulking up my collection is what collecting is all about so I didn't mind.
TNN Motor Sports Hardcore 4x4YesAnother piece of Gremlin trash. This game features some great physics but the abominable frame rate, grainy graphics and ultra cheesy soundtrack make it a chore to play. This was another one of those impulsive beef up purchases for my collection.
Tomb RaiderYesI could not believe the condition this was in when I found it. Everything about it made it seem like I just bought the game sealed and pulled the wrapping off. It even has a HYPER big rubber stump of approval sticker on it! How cool is that?
Virtua Cop 2YesI was surprised at how hard this is to find in the wild. The only other time I have seen this game was in a bundle with Virtua Cop 1 and a Virtua Gun. I wasn't prepared to pay $100 for the bundle when I already had Virtua Cop 2 anyway.
Virtua FighterNoThis is a Japanes release of the game. The case is a bit cracked but it has an awesome color disc, I love these releases.
Virtua Fighter 2YesIt's Virtua Fighter 2, I shouldn't have to say much on this one. The game itself is in decent enough condition, I need to find one with a better condition manual though.
Virtual HydlideYesI have no love for this game. I really wanted to like it, but I just bought it out of curiosity at the low price for a Saturn RPG. There's a reason it's so cheap, my copy didn't come with a manual.
Wing ArmsYesI don't particularly like this game all that much. As an early indication of how the Saturn renders geometry and polygonal, texture mapped models I'd say it's great but little variety and a terrible soundtrack end up destroying your enjoyment of it.