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List Name: Master System Collection
Description: List of Master System games I currently own.

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SEGA Master System (15 games total)
Alex Kidd in Shinobi WorldYesA very solid, addictive platformer with an awesome fusion of two styles. This is cart only.
AlienĀ³YesIdentical to the Mega Drive/Genesis version of the game. It's a pretty good game, the frame rate suffers though and everything is so squashed on the screen it almost looks like a CPC game.
Castle of Illusion starring Mickey MouseYesA pretty different port of the game. The fundamental gameplay is the same, the levels are a bit different though. The music has been faithfully represented and all in all it's a great game. This is cart only.
Dragon CrystalYesA bare bones rogue like with little substance. There's just barely anything to it, it's incredibly repetitive and the back of the box calls it a "musical adventure."
Fantasy ZoneYesI actually have both Fantasy Zone 1 and 2 but 2 isn't in the database and I can't be bothered adding it just so I can update my have list. This is a decent port of the game, it's cart only though.
Ghouls 'N GhostsYesI don't like Ghouls 'N Ghosts in any form, it's just that I couldn't pass up getting the cart for 5 dollars.
Golden Axe WarriorYesOne of my most valuable acquisitions. This is an excellent action/RPG that is exceedingly rare (or so I'm told.) The story of how I picked it up is very funny. I walked into my local game store and found the game for $10 and the shopkeeper, with no knowledge of the product he was selling sold it to me unflinchingly. It made me feel good to dupe a person who acts like a pretentious git when I speak to him.
Marble MadnessYesIt's Marble Madness, I like it so I picked it up. It's a decent enough port.
Vampire: Master of DarknessYesI freaking love this game. I mean I totally fell in love with this ultra solid Castlevania clone when I first played it. It's a great game, with an awesome soundtrack and is difficult to find in the wild.
Operation WolfYesI don't really like this game, or very many early Master System games for that matter. It's a decent enough port of the arcade game though.
Sonic the HedgehogYesA decent enough port of Sonic the Hedgehog. It lacks a lot of levels and most are completely redesigned. It's an alright game though I suppose.
ThunderBladeYesAn awful port of ThunderBlade with terrible, jerky scrolling and bad hit detection. It's just not fun.
Sonic the Hedgehog 2YesUnlike the original, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is a shitty game with very few redeeming features. It lacks the spin dash and tails, looks horrible and plays like crap with badly designed levels and awful hit detection. The case art is alright though.
Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's TrapYesI absolutely love this game. It's a fantastic side scrolling action/RPG with great replay value and tons of secrets. The PC Engine version of the game is probably better, but I love it anyway. This is cart only.
Rambo: First Blood Part IIYesIt's just Commando, but letterboxed and kind of shit. It's an early Master System game, most have this cheap feel to them. Secret Commando is the same situation.