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List Name: Dreamcast Collection
Description: List of currently owned Dreamcast games.

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Dreamcast (15 games total)
Blue StingerYesA great, underrated game. My review of it pretty much sums it up. It's very common in Australia, but finding it in good condition is another story.
CarrierYesThis is a Japanese copy of Carrier. It's essentially the same and very easy to work out if you can't read Japanese characters. I love this game, it's a shame it's so looked down upon.
Crazy TaxiYesA near mint PAL copy of the game, quite a find. I love this game, if only the disc wasn't a little buffed.
Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the FutureYesI found this sealed, I'm not so anal that I don't open sealed games so seeing this in such good condition made me feel all warm inside.
Gauntlet: LegendsYesA great game, very addictice. It's just really poorly presented. The copy I have is a little scratched.
HeadhunterYesI found this sealed as well. I'm not one of those anal morons that purposefully leaves games sealed even if they are dying to play it. I collect games, but I don't treat them like wine. It's essentially in mint condition, however the spindles cracked at some point. I've been meaning to swap the cases.
Metropolis Street RacerYesThe predecessor to Project Gotham Racing. It's a fantastically addictive game, I just wish it didn't consume so much of your VMU.
Resident Evil 2YesThis is a bitch to find, especially in the wild and I prefer to try my best to find games in the wild before I resort to eBay. It's Resident Evil 2, with all of the good bits from the Windows version running in CE on your Dreamcast. It's fun, but I've played it a million times before.
SEGA Rally 2 ChampionshipYesI don't even remember buying this but I clearly did because it is on the shelf. It's a great game, although not much of an improvement over Championship on the Saturn.
ShenmueNoFinding a PAL copy of Shenmue in good condition is becoming as hard as finding a wild leprachaun. I managed to get mine with the cardboard almost as new and all of the cases and discs in near mint condition.
Sonic AdventureYesSonic Adventure is Sonic Adventure, I shouldn't have to explain this bad boy. My copy is complete, I think, I'm not sure if it came with a reg card or not. There is some wear on the disc.
Sonic Adventure 2NoSonic Adventure 2 managed to improve on the original while suffering from its own shortcomings. I love it though, I reviewed this game as well. My copy is in near mint condition.
Time StalkersNoI like this little RPG, it has an interesting progression system and a great story featuring tons of Climax characters.
Virtua Tennis 2YesThis was also sealed, I was surprised how common sealed Dreamcast games were, or maybe I just got lucky several times in a row. Anyway I love this game, it's a great, arcade feeling Tennis game with fine graphics and some awesome modes. My copy is about as near mint as you can get.
Zombie RevengeYesI both loathe and enjoy this game. It's goddamn difficult and looks a little shoddy, but it's fundamentally a lot of fun and despite its shortcomings I keep coming back to it. Oh and BULLETS! My copy was sealed.