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Luis Silva

Luis Silva has these following lists set up so that you can view them. Click on the list you want to see more detailed information for.

Have Lists

    Silva's ever growing pile of games

      List description: I believe all my games are indexed here. One day I'll be arsed enough to add purchase date/price and quality of the thingies inside. While my collection is closed (as in, there's nothing to trade), if you are desperate enough for a game you can try to contact me, as I might be able to track down in one of the many used games stores I visit.

      General Information: There are 638 games entered into this list, 0 of which Luis Silva is willing to trade.

Want Lists

    Games I used to own

      List Description: Games I owned briefly, and might (or not) purchase again.

      General Information: There are 12 games entered into this list.

    To Buy (someday)

      List Description: Games I have an eye on. asterisks mean priority, dollar signs how much I'm willing to spend (both out of five).

      While priority is easy enough (although they don't imply I won't purchase lowly ranked items if the price is right), the price follows something like this:

      $ = very cheap, under €7 $$ = between €7 and €15, €20 in some cases $$$ = under €30 $$$$ = under €50 $$$$$ = depends on the item, could mean from a new release price to a whatever is the asking price is.

      General Information: There are 44 games entered into this list.