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Game Titlesorted in ascending orderPlatformOne LinerReview Date
Caesar IIDOS"Venni Vinni Vicci! (or whatever)"Jan 08, 2003
SimAntDOS"Simant is as addictive as it is educational."Jan 07, 2003
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past/Four SwordsGame Boy Advance"An almost perfect port of the SNES classic."Jan 13, 2003
Burnout 2: Point of ImpactGameCube"A fantastic intense racing game bogged down by terribly cheap AI tricks."Sep 01, 2004
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeNintendo 64"I just don't get the hype. Are grownups supposed to play this game?"Nov 21, 2003
Mario Kart 64Nintendo 64"Feels like a more pretty, but slower version of Mario Kart."Jan 02, 2003
XenogearsPlayStation"Potential ruined at every corner. A huge let-down, a frustratingly stupid game."Oct 17, 2004
Resident Evil 2PlayStation"How dare this abomination carry the name of its father!"Apr 13, 2003
Resident Evil 4PlayStation 2"A fantastic opening scene to a worthless game."Aug 26, 2006
Chrono TriggerSNES"A very shallow RPG. Too easy, too kiddy, too dull."Apr 27, 2003
DOOMSNES"A clunky herky-jerky port of a DOS classic."Jul 12, 2004
The Elder Scrolls III: TribunalWindows"New quests, new monsters, new journal, same bad gameplay."Apr 05, 2003
Diablo IIWindows"Disappointing."Nov 23, 2002
Blade of DarknessWindows"A very repetitive and difficult bloody action hack 'n slash adventure which wasn't that much fun, really."Nov 17, 2002
Command & Conquer: GeneralsWindows"Finally, an original and imaginative real-time strategy that brings color back into the fading RTS genre!"Feb 24, 2003
The Longest JourneyWindows"Somewhat long and boring, but a fun game nonetheless."Dec 05, 2002
Hitman 2: Silent AssassinWindows"A really fun and exciting game, but with a few very annoying flaws."Dec 11, 2002
Duke Nukem: Manhattan ProjectWindows"Welcome back, Duke!"Nov 13, 2002
Legacy of Kain: DefianceWindows"If not for the pesky camera and repetition, this could have been one of the best games ever."Jan 09, 2004
Cold Zero: No MercyWindows"Too frustrating to even bother."Nov 05, 2003
Dead to RightsWindows"A fun game with lots to like, but it's just way too long and way too repetitive."Jan 28, 2004
Iron StormWindows"A very original setting; a very forgetable game."Mar 17, 2004
Age of MythologyWindows"It has the base of a great RTS, but it's too flawed to recommend."Jan 29, 2003
Max PayneWindows"A wonderful action shooter that brings back the senseless-violence thrill of Doom."Dec 24, 2002
Sid Meier's SimGolfWindows"Fun for a while."Jan 01, 2003
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