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Game TitlePlatformsorted in ascending orderOne LinerReview Date
The Wheel of TimeWindows"It's not bad"May 21, 2002
Lionheart: Legacy of the CrusaderWindows"Lionheart almost hit the mark -- but ended up whacking a wandering pedestrian instead."Aug 27, 2003
The Elder Scrolls III: TribunalWindows"New quests, new monsters, new journal, same bad gameplay."Apr 05, 2003
The ThingXbox"Not a "bad" game, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, really."Jun 10, 2003
Delta Force: Black Hawk DownWindows"Novalogic presents: Towell-Head Massacre 2000!"Nov 18, 2003
Need for Speed: UndergroundWindows"Oh Need For Speed, where have you gone?"Dec 03, 2003
Deus Ex: Invisible WarWindows"One hell of a mixed bag."Dec 18, 2003
MafiaWindows"One of my all-time favorite games."Dec 22, 2002
Project IGI: I'm Going InWindows"One of the most entertaining FPS games ever!"Jan 06, 2003
MessiahWindows"One of the most original and hilarious games I've ever played."Jan 03, 2003
Neverwinter NightsWindows"Perhaps what AD&D fans have been waiting for, but as a computer RPG, it stinks."Dec 22, 2002
XenogearsPlayStation"Potential ruined at every corner. A huge let-down, a frustratingly stupid game."Oct 17, 2004
WarCraft III: The Frozen ThroneWindows"Quite possibly the best expansion pack ever released."Jul 11, 2003
S2: Silent StormWindows"Silent Storm has joined the ranks of X-Com and Jagged Alliance 2 as a brilliant tactical squad-based strategy game."Nov 25, 2003
SimAntDOS"Simant is as addictive as it is educational."Jan 07, 2003
The Longest JourneyWindows"Somewhat long and boring, but a fun game nonetheless."Dec 05, 2002
The Italian JobWindows"Sort of like the classic "Driver"...sort of."Feb 05, 2003
ChromeWindows"The landscape is so beautiful that it's a real shame they made a game out of it."Dec 10, 2003
Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi AcademyWindows"The new lightsabers don't make up for the terrible plot, cutscenes and voice acting."Oct 13, 2003
One Must Fall: BattlegroundsWindows"There's really not much to like about this game."Feb 08, 2004
Asheron's CallWindows"This used to be my favorite game, but time has done some horrible things to it."Jul 19, 2003
Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of AmnWindows"Throw away all your presumptions and play this game!"Dec 06, 2002
Cold Zero: No MercyWindows"Too frustrating to even bother."Nov 05, 2003
DevastationWindows"Unintentionally hilarious game that starts out well enough, but quickly plummets into teh st00pid."Nov 12, 2003
Caesar IIDOS"Venni Vinni Vicci! (or whatever)"Jan 08, 2003
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