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atari adventure


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Game TitlePlatformsorted in ascending orderOne LinerReview Date
Frederik Pohl's GatewayDOS"A magnificent space odyssey with unknown destination"Jan 19, 2009
Mortadelo y Filemón: Una Aventura de CineWindows"A movie freak's dream."Apr 05, 2008
Tass Times in TonetownAmiga"An amusing little game. Even dying sometimes is funny..."Dec 14, 2007
Sam & Max: Season OneWindows"An episodic feast of frivolous laughter"Mar 25, 2009
Star Wars: Knights of the Old RepublicWindows"Bioware – you can only admire those clever wizards!"Dec 20, 2007
Montezuma's ReturnWindows"Great ideas and fatal dilettantism arrange a meeting in an Aztec temple."Apr 27, 2008
Overclocked: A History of ViolenceWindows"High aims, deep fall"Aug 09, 2008
Edna & Harvey: The BreakoutWindows"Kissed by madness"Jul 23, 2008
Murder in the AbbeyWindows"No usual suspects in this crime"Dec 30, 2008
The Whispered WorldWindows"Only a clown may save us"Sep 15, 2009
A Vampyre StoryWindows"Stay away from it as far as possible"Jan 09, 2009
OutlawsWindows"To call this an Italo Western is like calling Bon Jovi a rock band."Mar 20, 2008
GothicWindows"To take or to be lunch, that is the question"Aug 28, 2008
Flight of the Amazon QueenDOS"Walks on the fine line between Monkey Island and Indiana Jones without falling."Jan 27, 2008
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - LegendWindows"What a change of developers can do..."Mar 08, 2008
Relentless: Twinsen's AdventureDOS"Why don't play something strange instead of the usual stuff?"Mar 19, 2008
The Simpsons: Hit & RunWindows"Wow, it's GTA: Springfield! Someone needs fresh ideas."Jun 29, 2008