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Medicine Man

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Game TitlePlatformsorted in ascending orderOne LinerReview Date
Quake IIWindows"A bad sequel to Quake? Definitely not!"Jan 10, 2009
Hexen: Beyond HereticDOS"A descent Medieval shooter that just tries to be too many games at once"Jul 28, 2010
Mortal Kombat: ArmageddonPlayStation 2"A great way to end the franchise on this generation of consoles"Jul 29, 2010
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3Genesis"A lazy port of a great game, but still fun"Jan 03, 2009
Return to Castle WolfensteinWindows"A legendary sequel to a legendary game."Aug 27, 2009
DOOMDOS"A legend in the making"Jan 03, 2009
HereticDOS"A masterpiece created with the Doom engine, but isn't it really just a Doom clone?"Oct 09, 2009
Primal RageDOS"An underrated classic"Jan 04, 2009
DOOM IIDOS"A rare moment in the gaming history when a sequel could even be called better than the original"Jan 03, 2009
Quake 4Windows"Did we even need a sequel to Quake 2?"Jul 18, 2009
DOOM³: Resurrection of EvilWindows"Doom 3 made less boring, more fun."Jan 04, 2009
Enemy Territory: Quake WarsWindows"Enemy Territory in the Quake universe. What a great idea, and what a horrible implementation"Aug 23, 2009
QuakeDOS"It's not a Doom-killer, but its QUAKE"Jan 08, 2009
Mortal Kombat: DeceptionPlayStation 2"One of the best Mortal Kombats, if not the best"Jan 03, 2009
Mortal Kombat 4Windows"Probably the worst Mortal Kombat fighting game"Jan 03, 2009
Mortal KombatDOS"The first game of a very good series of fighting games, but not the 1 which should be called the best in the series"Jan 02, 2009
Quake III: ArenaWindows"The most balanced online FPS game to date."Jun 22, 2009
Duke Nukem 3DDOS"The most fun FPS game to play"Jan 05, 2009
DOOM³Windows"The only possibly good thing about this game are the graphics, gameplay suffers a lot due to its boring exactly same level design."Jan 04, 2009