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Kaddy B.

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Game TitlePlatformsorted in ascending orderOne LinerReview Date
PreyWindows"A case of mistaken identity"Mar 06, 2018
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - VietnamWindows"A damn good addition to a damn good game"May 16, 2011
DOOM RPGBREW"A Doom RPG? I know what you are thinking: LOL, WUT? Though it actually kinda works..."Nov 29, 2009
Dead SpaceWindows"Although its story is lacking a crucial element, Dead Space is a compelling and thrilling action horror."Nov 21, 2009
Brütal LegendXbox 360"A masterpiece, but would you expect any less from Tim Schafer? "Nov 20, 2009
Amnesia: The Dark DescentWindows"Amnesia is a title no horror fan can afford to miss."Sep 28, 2010
Command & Conquer: RenegadeWindows"A novel campaign set in the C&C universe is fine and dandy, but the real attraction here is the stunning multiplayer."May 04, 2010
Silent Hill 2: Restless DreamsWindows"A psycho-sexual drama that is disturbing, scary, and beautiful at the same time."Oct 07, 2009
Assassin's Creed IIPlayStation 3"Assassin's Creed II gracefully swoops down and does what it set out to do - kill all the competition."Dec 31, 2009
F.E.A.R. 2: Project OriginWindows"A very disappointing sequel that, while at times fun, mostly bores."Nov 17, 2009
Battlefield: Bad Company 2Windows"BC2 is the first Battlefield game since 2142 to not suck, but it still feels diluted."Jun 11, 2010
BioShockWindows"BioShock is a memorable trip into the bizarre and the surreal."Dec 15, 2009
Blood II: The ChosenWindows"Blood II is one hell of a disappointing sequel, but it's still fun enough at times to earn a pass."Mar 24, 2013
ClutchWindows"Carmageddon 4- I mean "Clutch" is fun for a bit, but the lack of races and abundant fetch quests bog it down."Mar 16, 2010
CarmageddonDOS"Carmageddon is tasteless, completely ridiculous, uglier than Divine in a two piece... and its one of my favourite games of all time."Mar 10, 2010
Postal²Windows"Catharsis in a box."Nov 25, 2009
Call of Duty: Black OpsWindows"Check out your windows; pigs may be flying. I actually liked this one!"Nov 18, 2010
Condemned: Criminal OriginsWindows"Condemned is Monolith's best game since NOLF 2, and is a unique gem of a game."Nov 16, 2009
Saints Row 2Xbox 360"Crass & Offensive, but undoubtedly one of the most entertaining games ever made."Nov 11, 2009
Silent Hill 3Windows"Dammit, get out of my nightmares SH3."Feb 01, 2011
Deus ExWindows"Despite some mega-frustrations, Deus Ex proves that cyberpunk and conspiracy theories go together like bread and butter."Feb 24, 2010
DOOM³Windows"Doom 3 is competent, but simply not up to par"Nov 26, 2009
Fallout 3Windows"Fallout 3 isn't really a true Fallout game, but if you can forgive that, it is still an incredible game."Oct 26, 2009
Far Cry 2Windows"Far Cry 2 may be a sequel only in name, but it is still a fun action game."Oct 08, 2009
Grand Theft Auto IVXbox 360"For every step back Rockstar takes, they make giant leaps forward."Nov 06, 2009
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