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Kyle Levesque

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Game TitlePlatformsorted in ascending orderOne LinerReview Date
Original WarWindows"2/3rds is bang on."Jan 20, 2011
Brigandine: The Legend of ForsenaPlayStation"A contender with FF Tactics, but very different in approach."Oct 07, 2010
SkullgirlsPlayStation 3"A heart-warming game about a Skull-heart and some awesome ladies."Oct 16, 2014
PlayStation All-Stars Battle RoyalePlayStation 3"All-Stars? Not really, more like the A.T.M. B-list. Where's Crash, Abe, or Lara?"Sep 28, 2014
Alone in the DarkWii"Alone in the Dark, Struggling with the Fissures in the Controls and Plot."Sep 21, 2009
The Unfinished SwanPlayStation 3"An experience in actual exploration, tedium free – rare and worth playing."Aug 14, 2015
Herzog ZweiGenesis"An interesting concept."Sep 16, 2010
Way of the Samurai 2PlayStation 2"A superior sequel to an already better than average game - that's rare."Jul 31, 2010
Zero DividePlayStation"Beating the crap out of a virus inside a computer, interesting."Nov 26, 2009
Valkyrie Profile 2: SilmeriaPlayStation 2"Beautifully average? I should love this game, but don't."Apr 02, 2011
Ehrgeiz: God Bless the RingPlayStation"Complexity behind a flashy exterior."Jul 12, 2010
Dynasty Warriors 5: EmpiresPlayStation 2"Empires gives DW a Brain-Transplant, is it worth your $? Yes."Sep 24, 2009
Fatal LabyrinthGenesis"Fatal Labyrinth kicked my @$$ as a ten year old. Seventeen years later I kicked back."Jul 08, 2013
Resident Evil: The Darkside ChroniclesWii"Good game despite lame pay-off of the title."Jun 21, 2011
Resident Evil: Chronicles HD CollectionPlayStation 3"Great chance for non Wii players to check these two out!"Aug 06, 2013
Perfect WeaponPlayStation"Has to played to be believed."Sep 13, 2009
Way of the SamuraiPlayStation 2"Historically Interesting, but not a masterpiece by a long shot."Jul 30, 2010
Jagged Alliance 2Windows"I don't scream and cheer at many games. This one I did."Jun 13, 2013
Twisted MetalPlayStation"In many ways - the most ambitious in the series."Mar 19, 2012
Twisted Metal: Head-On - Extra Twisted EditionPlayStation 2"Interesting from a sentimental point of view."Mar 14, 2011
Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme LegendsPlayStation 2"Is this ad-on worth the price? Yes."Sep 24, 2009
Legend of LegaiaPlayStation"It's got heart, mediocrity, gambling, and fishing."Jan 29, 2011
Red Dead RedemptionPlayStation 3"John Marston tops Tommy Vercetti as a great character."Oct 24, 2012
Legaia 2: Duel SagaPlayStation 2"Like dating a girl you knew in middle school, 10 years later."Jan 02, 2012
OutRun 2019Genesis"Memorable, Beautiful, Play it on that new 'portable genesis'"Oct 04, 2009
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