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Game TitlePlatformsorted in ascending orderOne LinerReview Date
The Ancient Art of WarDOS"AAOW was way ahead of its time."Mar 05, 1999
PODWindows"A big disappointment."Jan 03, 2000
Bruce LeePC Booter"A challenge for platform die-hards."Feb 28, 2000
The Cycles: International Grand Prix RacingDOS"A clean but unbalanced racing sim."Apr 13, 1999
S.T.U.N. RunnerLynx"A clever hardware trick makes the Lynx port better than most computer ports. An amazing technology demo and a great game."Feb 10, 2003
ShamusPC Booter"A combination of Berzerk and Adventure."Mar 27, 1999
ConquestPC Booter"A cute clone of Joust."Feb 23, 1999
Red FactionWindows"A day late and a dollar short. Extremely disappointed."Apr 11, 2002
OutRunDOS"A faithful conversion of the popular arcade racing game."Mar 22, 1999
KarnovPC Booter"A faithful port of the original arcade gameplay."Mar 19, 1999
Night Mission Pinball (v3.0)DOS"A fantastic pinball simulation for any PC."Mar 20, 1999
Night Mission PinballPC Booter"A fantastic pinball simulation for early PCs."Mar 20, 1999
3-DemonDOS"A good implementation of a challenging concept -- with great gameplay to boot!"Feb 09, 2000
Golden AxeDOS"A good visual conversion of flawed gameplay."Sep 28, 1999
Archon: The Light and the DarkPC Booter"A great alternative to chess for those strategically-impared."Mar 17, 1999
MotorheadWindows"A great game for PC racing fans to graduate to."Oct 01, 1999
Adventures in MathDOS"A great use for an old computer."Mar 17, 1999
Test Drive 5Windows"All gloss and no guts makes TD5 a dull boy."Oct 16, 1999
CyberGenic Ranger: Secret of the Seventh PlanetDOS"All the production values of a B-movie, but without any of the cheezy fun."Apr 19, 2000
CyberswineWindows"All the quality you'd expect from a title named "Cyberswine"."Jun 15, 1999
Star Wars: Episode I - RacerWindows"A maddening rush of speed--and a maddening control system."Sep 27, 1999
F40 Pursuit SimulatorDOS"A major disappointment in the history of the series."Jan 24, 2000
PrimalPlayStation 2"Amazing technology and production values, but some parts weren't completely thought out."Nov 05, 2004
Stargoose WarriorDOS"Amazing tile graphics for an early overhead shooter."Feb 09, 2000
CrossfirePC Booter"An addictive and fun exercise of your reflexes."Mar 18, 1999
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