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Game TitlePlatformsorted in ascending orderOne LinerReview Date
The Last V8Commodore 64"A classic... a horrible classic..."Jan 26, 2012
TomCommodore 16, Plus/4"A gem on the Commodore 16!"Mar 31, 2015
RoboCopDOS"An early and wonky, but ambitious PC conversion"Nov 05, 2017
War HawkAtari 8-bit"Angry button smashing at its most frantic"May 03, 2014
AirballDOS"A nice game that leaks through many holes"Mar 16, 2012
CastlevaniaCommodore 64"An okay, if a somewhat shoddy conversion"Feb 22, 2015
ArkanoidCommodore 64"A perfect showoff game for the Commie"May 02, 2014
Bomb JackCommodore 64"A very fun arcade game"Jan 17, 2017
Delta PatrolCommodore 64"Commodore awesomeness"Jul 20, 2017
ZynapsAmstrad CPC"Could have been good, should have been great"Nov 07, 2017
ElektraglideAtari 8-bit"Fasten your seat belt and get ready for rocket-speed!"Mar 16, 2012
FredAtari 8-bit"Good enough"Nov 06, 2017
Batman: The Caped CrusaderCommodore 64""I'm Batman! ...where's me bat-teeth?""Jul 31, 2017
Bad DudesCommodore 64"It is so good, that it wraps around, and gets bad"Nov 05, 2017
Dark SideCommodore 64"JOIN THE DARK SIDE!"Feb 13, 2017
Last Ninja 2: Back with a VengeanceAtari ST"No. Just no."May 11, 2012
Oddworld: Munch's OddyseeWindows"Oddly mediocre"Feb 11, 2020
ShinobiAmstrad CPC"One of the best action games for the Amstrad CPC!"Jul 31, 2017
TurricanAmstrad CPC"Revolutionary platformer game on 8-bit computers?"Aug 10, 2013
TransmuterAtari 8-bit"The equivalent of rubbing salt into a wound"May 03, 2014
Turrican II: The Final FightCommodore 64"The final fight of the Commodore 64"Aug 11, 2013
The Extirpator!Atari 8-bit"The inverse of Transmuter"Oct 28, 2018
WłóczykijAtari 8-bit"The Polish gaming industry had to start somewhere..."Nov 06, 2017
RoboCopCommodore 64"Would not buy that for a dollar"Nov 05, 2017