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Game TitlePlatformsorted in ascending orderOne LinerReview Date
Centurion: Defender of RomeDOS"A classic!"Sep 25, 1999
StarsiegeWindows"A disappointing entry in a great series... but man, the graphics rule!"Nov 03, 1999
Sid Meier's Pirates!PC Booter"A legend in computer games."Sep 25, 1999
EarthSiege 2Windows"An excellent 'Mech game"Oct 29, 1999
Aces of the PacificDOS"AOTP leaves a lot to be desired."May 13, 2000
Cutthroats: Terror on the High SeasWindows"Forget Battlecruiser 3000 AD. Cutthroats is the worst game ever made."Jul 15, 2000
European Air WarWindows"If only SWOTL had these graphics..."Nov 02, 1999
Task Force 1942DOS"I need an exterminator!"Nov 10, 1999
MechWarrior 3Windows"I said to myself, "I think I'm about to be blown away..." - and I was..."Sep 30, 1999
Close Combat: The Battle of the BulgeWindows"One word: Frustration!"May 01, 2000
Shogun: Total WarWindows"Take Risk, add some RTS, a dash of AOE, and stir. Enjoy!"Dec 29, 2000
Battlehawks 1942DOS"The game that defined all future WWII air combat simulators"Sep 25, 1999
MechWarrior 4: VengeanceWindows"The improvements and regressions balance out to make this an average game"Dec 29, 2000
Secret Weapons of the LuftwaffeDOS"The ultimate WWII air combat simulator"Sep 25, 1999
Balance of PowerDOS"They don't make 'em like this anymore... Cold War, anyone?"Sep 25, 1999
Command & ConquerDOS"This game made "Real-Time Strategy" a household term."Nov 02, 1999
The Civil WarDOS"This poor game tries to do too many things, and doesn't do a good job at many of them."Sep 25, 1999
Close Combat III: The Russian FrontWindows"WWII gamer: you want realism and a new setting? Look here."Oct 29, 1999