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Game TitlePlatformsorted in ascending orderOne LinerReview Date
Quake IIWindows"A blitz of near non-stop action, Quake II is an old school classic."Sep 09, 2002
Penumbra: Overture - Episode 1Windows"A Creative, Tense Game From A Small Developer"Nov 17, 2008
CrysisWindows"A Game-Length Tech Demo"Nov 17, 2008
Fallout 3Windows"A gaming legend gets a new lease on life."Nov 10, 2008
Iron HelixWindows 3.x"A great game in its time. More important for what it foreshadowed than for what it was."Jan 11, 2001
MystWindows 3.x"A majestic, surrealistic experience."May 02, 2001
Star Wars: TIE FighterDOS"A masterpiece of the space-sim genre."Jan 24, 2000
BioShockWindows"An Artful Spiritual Successor To System Shock 2"Nov 16, 2008
Total AnnihilationWindows"An epic work of RTS genius."Apr 28, 2000
TRON 2.0Windows"An excellent FPS with RPG-like elements and a chance to play in the Tron universe. I like it."Apr 14, 2004
Thief: The Dark ProjectWindows"An excellent game which defined a genre."Jan 24, 2000
Star Control IIDOS"An incredible adventure such as is rarely seen. It inspires and satisfies. I have never played it's like, nor do I believe I ever shall again."Nov 30, 1999
FalloutWindows"Apocalyptic"Jan 10, 2001
Arx FatalisWindows"Arx Fatalis Pays Off For Patient Gamers"Nov 17, 2008
Aliens Versus PredatorWindows"A truly pulse-pounding gaming experience."Jun 27, 2002
Betrayal at KrondorDOS"A very deep, very addicting RPG game. I wish there were more like this."Nov 30, 1999
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's RevengeDOS"A wild and hilarious, swash-buckling adventure. Something every game library should have."Nov 30, 1999
The Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of TimeWindows"A wonderful adventure."Oct 11, 2000
Burnout: Paradise - The Ultimate BoxWindows"Exhilarating, freeform arcade racing."Jul 16, 2009
Fallout 3: Operation: AnchorageWindows"Fallout 3's first DLC offers a refreshing trip to the frosty north."Jul 30, 2009
System Shock 2Windows"Intense, pulse-pounding, and challenging. The essential survival horror game."Jul 16, 2009
Half-Life: Blue ShiftWindows"More Half-Life to feed your craving."Mar 14, 2002
Contract J.A.C.K.Windows"No One Lives Forever without the espionage. At least you get to shoot a lot."Oct 09, 2004
Cool SpotSNES"One of the most iconic characters of advertising gets a game. And it's actually good."Aug 06, 2009
Interstate '76Windows"Out of sight. This game grooves, man."Dec 01, 1999
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