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Game TitlePlatformsorted in ascending orderOne LinerReview Date
Captain BloodDOS"A completely unique landmark in computer gaming history."Dec 20, 1999
BlockOn!Windows"A creative approach to platforming."Mar 11, 2009
Operation: MatriarchyWindows"A fun shooter - after you apply the 600MB patch!"Jan 14, 2008
MegaRace 2DOS"A much better sequel to an already classic game"Jan 13, 2002
ShadowrunSNES"A neglected masterpiece!"Mar 18, 2003
Omikron: The Nomad SoulWindows"A new world to explore!"Jan 20, 2002
AnachronoxWindows"A really wonderful game"Feb 03, 2002
StrifeDOS"A sadly undervalued gem"Jul 09, 2003
Heart of the Alien: Out of this World Parts I and IISEGA CD"A solid, but uninspired sequel to an all-time classic"Mar 16, 2003
Circle of BloodWindows"A strangely ordinary adventure"Feb 09, 2002
A-TrainDOS"A unique and heart-warming game (no, seriously!)"Jan 13, 2002
PathologicWindows"A unique game, the first of its kind, with all the good and bad points that can bring."Jan 04, 2008
Rebelstar II: Alien EncounterZX Spectrum"Excellent early foray into turn-based squad combat"Sep 10, 2005
Project EdenWindows"Eye-candy, puzzles and mutant dogs"Jul 09, 2003
DeathchaseZX Spectrum"Gameplay purity"Mar 17, 2007
You Are EmptyWindows"Great art + clunky mechanics = ?"Jan 28, 2009
Eco PhantomsDOS"Have you ever played a game that you really, really want to like, but it's just not as good as you want it to be?"May 08, 2001
OutcastWindows"How quickly love can turn to hate..."Dec 01, 2006
ōdi∙umWindows"It's good!"May 26, 2001
MegaRaceDOS"Lance Boyle for president!"Jan 13, 2002
Dark SeedDOS"Nice idea, horrible execution"Jan 13, 2002
Commander BloodDOS"Not nearly as good as its prequel, but still a truly amazing experience"Jul 10, 2000
QuarantineDOS"One of the best games I've ever played."Mar 14, 1999
Urban ChaosWindows"Potentially great, but ruined by a couple of bad design decisions"Apr 10, 2007
X-COM: EnforcerWindows"Who cares if it's not a tactical masterpiece? It's fun!"Dec 01, 2004
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