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atari adventure


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Game TitlePlatformsorted in ascending orderOne LinerReview Date
Doctor Who: Shadows of the Vashta NeradaWindows"A bit of Christmas spirit thrown into an otherwise standard mix"May 24, 2011
James Bond 007: GoldfingerPC Booter"A brief romp which diverges enough from the film to be a totally different adventure"Aug 29, 2009
Star Trek: 25th AnniversaryGame Boy"A disappointing cash-in, especially compared with versions on other platforms."Oct 22, 2009
Crusader: Adventure Out of TimeWindows"A fairly successful attempt at fusing adventure and education"May 31, 2005
Star Trek: The Next GenerationNES"A flawed attempt at packing a game cover an entire TV series."Jan 29, 2011
Doctor Who: City of the DaleksWindows"A fun blast of the Doctor."Dec 01, 2010
MDKDOS"A fun, fast shooter that's a breeze to play"Sep 19, 2009
Star Wars: Dark ForcesDOS"A gem of its time, recreating the original Star Wars fun and adventure."Sep 25, 2009
Heart of ChinaDOS"A good adventure for it's time that holds up well."Sep 02, 2009
Indiana Jones and the Fate of AtlantisDOS"A good game, though probably over-hyped by adventure buffs."Sep 16, 2009
Full ThrottleWindows"A highly polished, original and concise game"Feb 16, 2010
Hotel Dusk: Room 215Nintendo DS"A long, intricate and rewarding investigation."Dec 02, 2010
Amazon: Guardians of EdenDOS"An 'attempt' at making a game in the style of old movie serials."Sep 02, 2009
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden CoinsGame Boy"An improvement on the first game, but little else original"Oct 03, 2009
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic AdventureDOS"A parody of the film that's definitely funny, but not a complete playing experience."Jan 03, 2011
Star Trek: The Next GenerationGame Boy"A poor port that only makes things harder"Jan 29, 2011
Doctor Who: TARDISWindows"A short and disappointing 'filler' game."Jan 16, 2011
SeastalkerDOS"A short and sweet adventure for kids and novices"Oct 16, 2009
Star Trek: 25th AnniversaryNES"A short inventory crawl, with some nice touches"Oct 04, 2006
Medal of HonorPlayStation"A slick, well produced FPS, that raises the entertainment bar."Nov 21, 2010
Star Wars: Jedi Knight II - Jedi OutcastWindows"A slightly bland FPS that attempts to feel the force."Dec 27, 2009
James Bond 007: A View to a KillDOS"A snapshot of the film that provides some good Bond moments"Aug 21, 2009
Flight of the Amazon QueenDOS"A solid and well-executed adventure."Mar 13, 2010
Doctor Who: Blood of the CybermenWindows"A straight-forward adventure for the Doctor."Jan 03, 2011
1943: The Battle of MidwayNES"Basic but addictive."Mar 13, 2010
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