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Martin Smith

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Game TitlePlatformsorted in ascending orderOne LinerReview Date
BlockbusterAmiga"A advance on Arkanoid, but not a big enough one"Sep 22, 2004
S.C.I.: Special Criminal InvestigationAmiga"A better conversion that the original, but still mediocre at best"Apr 05, 2004
Zool 2Amiga"A big improvement on the original"Jun 12, 2004
Grand Monster SlamAmiga"A classy game with a character and originality all of its own"Jan 09, 2005
TrollsAmiga"A collection of nice touches, desperately searching for a surrounding game"Mar 21, 2004
Bomb Jack IIZX Spectrum"A completely ill-conceived sequel, with none of the thrills of the original"Oct 12, 2004
Brutal Sports FootballAmiga"A fun variation on computer sports, and worth checking out"May 17, 2004
Action FighterZX Spectrum"A good conversion of an entertaining little game"Aug 31, 2004
EarthSiege 2Windows 3.x"A good game that brought the Earthsiege story forward"Dec 18, 2006
The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space MutantsAmiga"A good use of a lucrative license - a game worthy of attention"Feb 27, 2004
Smash T.V.Amiga"A great conversion of a great arcade game"Mar 22, 2004
Coryoon: Child of DragonTurboGrafx-16"A great shoot 'em up that too few Westerners have played"Jul 06, 2005
Jimmy White's 2: CueballWindows"A great value combination of games, with all the important features spot on"Mar 04, 2004
OutRunAtari ST"All the criticisms you've heard are true"Jun 04, 2005
Little Shop of TreasuresWindows"A lot of nothing - too slow-placed and generally tedious"Jun 15, 2007
Pipe DreamCommodore 64"A minute to learn, a lifetime to master, hours to explain - classic stuff"Mar 18, 2004
Jimmy White's 'Whirlwind' SnookerAmiga"A new dimension in recreating snooker on computer"Jan 27, 2005
Jimmy White's 'Whirlwind' SnookerDOS"A new dimension in recreating snooker on computer"Feb 26, 2004
Wembley Rugby LeagueAmiga"An impressive and lovingly-made recreation of the sport"Mar 25, 2005
Kenny Dalglish Soccer MatchAtari ST"An insult to Kenny, to the ST, and to football itself"Jun 05, 2005
ApidyaAmiga"An inventive and enjoyable, if over-rated, rival to Project X"Jun 20, 2004
Screaming WingsAtari ST"An irredeemably awful blast from the graveyard"Sep 01, 2004
Innocent Until CaughtAmiga"An object lesson in how NOT to make a point and click game"Jun 28, 2004
LemmingsZX Spectrum"A real achievement and a great conversion, despite a few compromises"Sep 09, 2004
Rainbow IslandsCommodore 64"As good a conversion as can be hoped for"Feb 21, 2004
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