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Depth Lord

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Game TitlePlatformsorted in ascending orderOne LinerReview Date
Lone Eagle: Colombian EncounterDOS"A charming point and click adventure at sea"Dec 06, 2005
The Lord of the Rings: The Two TowersPlayStation 2"A mediocre beat'em up with interesting goodies for the film fans."Dec 17, 2005
Gabriel Knight: Sins of the FathersDOS"A shadow lurks on New Orleans..."Jul 26, 2004
Igor: Objective UikokahoniaDOS"A story about school days..."Jul 25, 2004
El principio del finDOS"Back to High School!"Jul 28, 2004
Grand Theft Auto: Vice CityPlayStation 2"Back to the 80s!"Dec 03, 2005
Mystic TowersDOS"Bizarre and fun"Dec 03, 2005
WarCraft II: Tides of DarknessDOS"By land, air and water..."Jul 29, 2004
Conquests of Camelot: The Search for the GrailDOS"Camelot is still splendorous even in EGA"Jul 26, 2004
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the RingPlayStation 2"Could have been better but it's interesting to try it."Dec 10, 2005
Broken Sword: The Smoking MirrorWindows"From the Templar Knights to even crazier Mayan prophecies"Aug 02, 2004
Conquests of the Longbow: The Legend of Robin HoodDOS"Get in the shoes of the Prince of Thieves (Robin Hood)"Aug 02, 2004
Duke Caribbean: Life's A BeachDOS"Get your sunscreen and your coconut launcher and let's rock!"Jul 25, 2004
The Adventures of Fatman: Toxic RevengeWindows"Good, but not as good to be sold as a commercial game..."Dec 24, 2005
FireFly Studios' StrongholdWindows"Great game my liege!"Jul 29, 2004
Grand Theft Auto IIIPlayStation 2"GTA3 is the game that GTA1 and 2 wanted to be"Mar 12, 2005
Duke it out in D.C.DOS"'Guns don't kill aliens, i kill aliens' - Duke Nukem"Jul 21, 2004
Final Fantasy VIIPlayStation"If Everest is the higher mountain in the world, then Final Fantasy 7 is the Everest of videogames."Aug 03, 2004
Roberta Williams' King's Quest VII: The Princeless BrideWindows 3.x"If it wasn't for the King's Quest name..."Jul 28, 2004
IncaDOS"In one word, original"Jul 26, 2004
Tomb Raider IIWindows"Not as great as they claim it to be."Dec 10, 2005
Street Fighter II: Champion EditionSEGA Master System"'Oh look pal! i threw a hadoken! (or it's a pancake?)'"Jul 24, 2004
Dráscula: The Vampire Strikes BackDOS"One of the earlier Spanish commercial adventure games, and one of my favourites"Jul 21, 2004
Circle of BloodWindows"One of the last true adventures of the 90s"Jul 27, 2004
Runaway: A Road AdventureWindows"One of the responsibles of adventure gaming comeback? I hope so."Mar 12, 2005
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