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Satoshi Kunsai

Reviews written
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Game TitlePlatformsorted in ascending orderOne LinerReview Date
Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of ChaosDOS"A horrible, disgusting disgrace to the Ninja Gaiden legacy and the NES original."Jun 10, 2002
Rise of the RobotsDOS"And all this time I kept thinking there was worse!"Mar 25, 2001
Mega Man & BassSNES"And I thought the first Mega Man was hard!"Jan 08, 2004
Commander Keen: Aliens Ate My Babysitter!DOS"An eight year old genius, a babysitter, and a bunch of hungry, goofy one eyed aliens all add up to one of the best PC platformers ever!"Feb 26, 2001
Sonic 3D BlastWindows"An embarrassment to Sonic."Mar 12, 2002
Space HarrierDOS"An OK conversion of yet another Sega classic."Jun 11, 2001
Hocus PocusDOS"Another year, another WEAK platformer..."Feb 19, 2002
Mortal KombatDOS"Better known as "Mortal Kash Kow"...or "Horse Rubbish"!"Mar 25, 2001
Sonic the HedgehogGenesis"Blue, blue sky..."Jun 06, 2002
Rise of the Triad: Dark WarDOS"*BOOOOOM!!!!* Let's's an arm...there's a finger...oh, is this your spleen? :)"Jun 05, 2002
Jet Grind RadioDreamcast"Bring in da tunes...bring in da tricks...JET SET RADIO IS IN DA HOUSE!!!"Jun 10, 2002
Bubble BobbleDOS"Burstin' lotsa bubbles and lookin' damn good doin' it!"Jun 16, 2002
Action 52NES"BWAAAAAA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!"Mar 02, 2004
Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the MillenniumDreamcast"Capcom and SNK strike again! the revolution!"Nov 27, 2001
Mega Man 7SNES"Certainly better than the sixth...what am I kidding? It's Mega Man, dammit! ^_^"Aug 22, 2002
Darius GaidenWindows"Close....your...eyyyyyyyes....."Mar 16, 2001
DOOMDOS"DOOM is DOOM is DOOM...who doesn't know DOOM?"Mar 23, 2001
Mega Man X6PlayStation"From "Awesome!!" to "Meh..." in one swift blow..."May 25, 2002
Fatal Fury SpecialSEGA CD"Great game...on another system, that is..."Dec 31, 2003
Gunstar HeroesGenesis"Gunstar! GUNSTAR!! GUNSTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRR!!!!!!"Nov 02, 2002
PaRappa the RapperPlayStation"Hilarious, quirky, unique, and irresistible! Ya gotta believe!"Aug 03, 2001
Mr. DrillerPlayStation"How could ANYONE pass up this game??"Feb 14, 2002
The Typing of the DeadDreamcast"I don't think I've seen anything more bizarre in my life...but I sure as hell liked it!"Dec 11, 2001
Clyde's RevengeDOS"I don't which is sadder...this or the guys behind it."Apr 17, 2001
Nitemare-3DDOS"Is this a game or a sick joke?"Nov 19, 2001
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