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Game TitlePlatformsorted in ascending orderOne LinerReview Date
Full Tilt! 2 PinballWindows"A festive PC pinball game"Mar 20, 2001
Lords of MagicWindows"A fun game, with a flaw or two"Mar 20, 2001
Alien LegacyDOS"A game that toyed with greatness, but was gutted by bugs."Mar 20, 2001
AfterlifeWindows"Amusing SimHeaven/SimHell game"Mar 20, 2001
Caesar IIIWindows"A nice step up from the first two."Mar 20, 2001
Asheron's CallWindows"An MMORPG designed with the solo player in mind."Mar 20, 2001
EverQuestWindows"An oustanding gaming experience, but often criticized by those who don't understand the concept of "game balance"."Mar 20, 2001
Jagged Alliance 2Windows"An outstanding update of the original"Mar 20, 2001
M1 Tank PlatoonDOS"An underappreciated classic with innovations that were way ahead of its time."Mar 20, 2001
NoctropolisDOS"An underrated comic book fantasy."Mar 21, 2001
Links 2003Windows"An underrated gem"Jan 28, 2006
Railroad Tycoon 3Windows"A robust railroad management sim that improves on the previous games in the series."Feb 19, 2005
Jagged Alliance: Deadly GamesDOS"A small step backwards from the original, but still a fun game."Mar 20, 2001
MenzoberranzanDOS"A weak attempt to capitalize on the nascent (at the time) FPS genre."Mar 21, 2001
Deadlock: Planetary ConquestWindows"Dull, boring, and wholly uninspiring."Mar 20, 2001
Master of MagicDOS"Fantastic, fun Civ clone set in a fantasy world."Mar 21, 2001
PharaohWindows"Fun historical city-building sim"Apr 09, 2001
DescentDOS"Great technology, but lacks atmosphere."Mar 20, 2001
The Great Empires Collection IIWindows"Hundreds of hours of gaming enjoyment"Mar 30, 2005
City of HeroesWindows"It's CLOBBERIN' time!"Jun 24, 2005
AscendancyDOS"Not as bad as its detractors claim."Mar 20, 2001
The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight MysteryWindows"One of the better FMV efforts available"Mar 20, 2001
The Lurking HorrorDOS"One of the last great text-only games ever made"Mar 20, 2001
Immortal Cities: Children of the NileWindows"Put Tropico, Pharaoh, and The Sims in a blender. Mix on high speed for 45 seconds. Serve chilled."Mar 30, 2005
RollerCoaster TycoonWindows"Simple, elegant, and (most importantly) fun!"Mar 21, 2001
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