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atari kombinera

Mickey Gabel

Reviews written
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Game TitlePlatformsorted in ascending orderOne LinerReview Date
Star Wars: Rebel AssaultDOS"A cool game, which fathered the video backdrop shooter sub-genre"Jun 13, 2000
Tunnels of ArmageddonDOS"A fun game for killing some time, nothing more."Jul 20, 2000
EcoQuest: The Search for CetusDOS"An exceptional game, that manages to combine education, humor, fun and an incredible sense of wonder."Jan 07, 2000
DiscDOS"An original arcade experience - fast and fun."Sep 25, 2000
MDKDOS"A perfect mix of 3D shooters and platfrom gaming, combined with great graphics and sound."Jan 09, 2000
ChronomasterDOS"A real, exceptionally interesting intreractive novel."Jan 03, 2000
The Journeyman Project: Turbo!Windows 3.x"A true science fiction experience, complete with an original story, great sound and imaginative visuals."Jan 28, 2000
Ski or DieDOS"Horrible gameplay - nothing like the old California Games it obviously borrows on."Jan 09, 2000
World Karate ChampionshipPC Booter"One of the best fighting games ever to grace the PC."Sep 16, 2000
Sub CultureWindows"One of the most special games I have ever seen."Dec 15, 2000
DuneDOS"Possibly the best media conversion to date, which also makes a challenging game."Jan 10, 2000
Arcade VolleyballDOS"Quite fun, despite its many hangups."Jan 09, 2000
Half-LifeWindows"The best 1st person 3D shooter I have ever played."Feb 28, 2000
Assassin 2015Windows"The best action movie I ever played."Aug 26, 2000
DeathtrackDOS"The best car shooter of the time."Jun 25, 2000
Dune II: The Building of a DynastyDOS"The game that started it all."Jan 10, 2000
Death SwordDOS"The ultimate barbarian fighting game, where a moment of hesitation can mean your head - literally!"Apr 21, 2000
Dark LegionsDOS"The ultimate combination of strategy, tactics, and fast reflexes."Apr 19, 2000
Pinball FantasiesDOS"The ultimate pinball simulation."Jan 06, 2000