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Game TitlePlatformsorted in ascending orderOne LinerReview Date
Quest for Glory I: So You Want To Be A HeroDOS"A fun "light" RPG that will take you an afternoon or two to beat."Feb 23, 2005
Jane's Combat Simulations: ATF - Advanced Tactical FightersDOS"A good sim with bad graphics."Apr 04, 2002
AscendancyDOS"A Pretty Good turn-based strategy game, but with a few flaws."Dec 03, 2002
Challenge of the Five RealmsDOS"A sleeper hit."Mar 26, 2007
Red FactionWindows"Bad mid-1990's B-Grade scifi flick, except you can play it. And blow stuff up. Whee."Apr 07, 2004
OutpostWindows 3.x"Could have been a 5-star classic, but for the bugs."Mar 25, 2007
Rescue on Fractalus!Atari 8-bit"Definitely ahead of its time."Apr 08, 2007
Frontier: Elite IIDOS"Elite + realistic physics = Good."May 09, 2001
Star WarsDOS"Fun little arcade game."Sep 12, 2010
Corncob DeluxeDOS"Good fun if you can find a copy"Apr 25, 2001
Homeworld: Game of the Year EditionWindows"Homeworld : Game of the Year Edition = A great way to end the 20th century."Jun 14, 2001
GenocideDOS"If Scorched Earth is the "Mother of All Games", this is surely the father."Dec 10, 2005
X-COM: Terror from the DeepDOS"Improves on X-Com : UFO Defense in every way. Except you can't beat it."May 12, 2002
Shadow PresidentDOS"Interesting "United States foreign policy" simulator."Jun 11, 2004
Hitman: Blood MoneyWindows"It's a good game, so why don't I love it?"Nov 02, 2010
NoctisDOS"It's fun - for a bit."Apr 07, 2007
Space Empires VWindows"Less than solid entry."Aug 29, 2010
DOOMDOS"Oh hell yeah."Sep 20, 2007
Quest for Glory II: Trial by FireDOS"One of the Top 3 best Sierra games of alllllll tiiiimmmeeee."Jul 14, 2003
Frontier: First EncountersDOS"Quite a bit better than Frontier : Elite 2 after you patch it. A lot."Oct 09, 2002
Thief: GoldWindows"Stealing stuff is fun"Apr 21, 2001
Dune II: The Building of a DynastyDOS"The spice must flow. That is the law."Apr 25, 2001
Thief II: The Metal AgeWindows"Thief II : Is it better then the beer-coke/pepsi-pizza combo? Yep."Jul 12, 2001
DOOM³Windows"Too bad they got rid of "IDBEHOLDL"."Sep 07, 2010
Saints Row 2Windows"Vice City-a-like, that happens to be somewhat better than Vice City."Apr 06, 2013