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Game TitlePlatformsorted in ascending orderOne LinerReview Date
SummonerWindows"Absorbing RPG that almost lives up to the hype."Jun 17, 2001
Blair Witch: Volume III - The Elly Kedward TaleWindows"A decent action title that comes off suprisingly well but lacks appropriate ambiance."May 04, 2002
Spider-ManWindows"A decent but awkward film conversion with some irritations."Jul 28, 2002
Virtua Cop 2Dreamcast"A flawed version of one of the best light gun games of all time."Jun 19, 2001
Alone in the DarkDOS"A landmark arcade adventure which started the survival horror genre."Jun 11, 2001
Half-LifeWindows"A landmark to be sure, but not quite the work of genius it is hailed as being."Aug 09, 2001
Unreal II: The AwakeningWindows"An impressive tech demo thinly disguised as a game."Jun 04, 2003
The Sims: UnleashedWindows"Any more add-on paks and the sims will take up an entire hard drive!"Feb 02, 2003
Evil Dead: Hail to the KingWindows"A perfect example of a brilliant idea going horribly wrong."Jul 28, 2002
Jack in the DarkDOS"A short but entertaining diversion for fans of the Alone in the Dark series."Jun 11, 2001
MafiaWindows"A stunning but flawed action title."Oct 08, 2002
Time Crisis IIPlayStation 2"Attention Light Gun fans! The god of the genre has arrived."Jan 21, 2002
Blair Witch: Volume I - Rustin ParrWindows"A very creepy Survival Horror style romp through the Blair Witch Mythology."May 04, 2002
V-Rally 3Game Boy Advance"A visually stunning GBA racer with decent, but flawed gameplay."Sep 26, 2002
Alone in the Dark 2DOS"Bigger, harder, less scary."Jun 19, 2001
BioForgeDOS"Fantastic sci-fi adventure in the survival horror vein."Jun 19, 2001
Enter the MatrixGameCube"Flawed but involved and entertaining action fest."Jun 04, 2003
Vampire NightPlayStation 2"Good, but not House of the Dead good."Jul 28, 2002
The ThingWindows"Great concept with only marginal realization."Oct 08, 2002
Time CrisisPlayStation"Great version of a solid gun game."Dec 11, 2001
Dungeon SiegeWindows"Hack and slash RPG brilliance but at a cost."Sep 26, 2002
Clive Barker's UndyingWindows"Horror based 1st person shooter that succeeds tremendously."Jun 19, 2001
Clock TowerPlayStation"Hot and cold horror adventure."Oct 09, 2001
Resident Evil 2PlayStation"Improves the formula set in RE1 without losing the flavour."Sep 25, 2001
Resident Evil: Director's CutPlayStation"It's back and packing less than expected."Sep 04, 2001
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