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Nick Drew

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Game TitlePlatformsorted in ascending orderOne LinerReview Date
TrollsAmiga CD32"A cutesy platform affair that doesn’t add anything new or exciting to the fray."Dec 03, 2006
Will RockWindows"A decent shooter with some nice touches, in the Serious Sam mould."Jul 26, 2007
PariahWindows"A derivative shooter which moves very well, and simply works on its own terms."Mar 10, 2007
OrkAmiga"A fun and addictive puzzle/action platform outing from Psygnosis."Jan 11, 2007
Serious Sam: The Second EncounterWindows"A fun shooter, without the usual pretensions."Aug 16, 2007
Blake Stone: Aliens of GoldDOS"A great shooter, which is somewhat underrated."Jan 07, 2008
The Stalin SubwayWindows"A highly atmospheric and violent shooter - from Russia, without love."Dec 10, 2007
Deep CoreAmiga"An atmospheric underwater platform caper, that is technically well made, but hardly original."Dec 05, 2006
Predator 2Amiga"An Op Wolf style shooter, which is brutally violent like the film which it is based on. "Jan 13, 2007
Evil Dead: RegenerationWindows"A simple, yet fun action game coupled with light puzzles and a sharp sense of humour."Dec 19, 2007
TimeShiftWindows"A Solid shooter, worth playing. [Rew. <<] . . worth playing, but is a bit of a missed opportunity."Dec 26, 2007
Bet on Soldier: Blood SportWindows"Bet on Soldier has an interesting concept for a FPS but also a lot of untapped potential . ."Mar 27, 2009
Dragon's LairCommodore 64"Conversion manages to capture the overall feel of the laser disc arcade original, with all that implies."Dec 15, 2006
The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space MutantsAmiga"Conversion of average platform game which has some nice ideas, but is ultimately dull."Mar 07, 2007
Dark SectorWindows"Dark Sector isn’t all that original, but oozes style & makes for great diverting entertainment"Apr 02, 2009
Evil Dead: A Fistful of BoomstickXbox"Decent action adventure game based on a great license, which fans should get an extra kick out of. Shame it’s a lame PS-2 port, mind. "Feb 12, 2007
Scorpion: DisfiguredWindows"Disfigured, but still alive"Feb 12, 2010
Fatman: The Caped ConsumerAmiga"Don your blue tights and yellow undies, It’s time for Fatman. This is a solid, if a bit underwhelming platform and ladders style fodder for Amiga."Dec 20, 2006
Gladiator: Sword of VengeanceXbox"Entertaining hack n’ slash fare, with limited lasting appeal."Aug 12, 2007
The Running ManCommodore 64"Film license not without its short comings, but has enough good touches, that fans may get a kick out of it."Jan 16, 2007
In ExtremisDOS"FPS game with a definite 'Alien' flavour, which has some interesting touches, but is ultimately dull."Nov 26, 2006
Krusty's Super Fun HouseAmiga"Game effectively combines conventional platform style antics, with Lemmings-esque puzzle scenarios."Feb 09, 2007
ManhuntWindows"Gruesomely violent stealth action outing, which is undeniably masterfully crafted and executed."Mar 08, 2007
HellforcesWindows"Highly entertaining old-school horror sci-fi FPS with modern styling and touches."Feb 24, 2007
Nitro FamilyWindows"If Serious Sam had a woman strapped to his back, maybe his adventures might have been like this . ."Jun 15, 2008
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