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Game TitlePlatformsorted in ascending orderOne LinerReview Date
TetrisGame Boy"A classic must-have for the gameboy."Oct 04, 2001
In Search of Dr. RiptideDOS"Action packed levels, hideous boss monsters, and undersea adventure!"Sep 26, 2001
God of ThunderDOS"A game that even beats Zelda: Link's Awakening!"Aug 23, 2001
Prince of Persia 3DWindows"A game that will blow you away!"Aug 24, 2001
Spider-ManPlayStation"A good mix of action and adventure."May 04, 2002
Delta ForceWindows"A Great FPS!"Nov 05, 2001
Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' DreamsGame Boy Color"A great game, lives up to the original ST series!"Mar 21, 2002
Escape from Monkey IslandWindows"A great game that is bound to please any adventure gamer!"Aug 24, 2001
Duke NukemDOS"A great game with a few flaws."Aug 22, 2001
FIFA International SoccerDOS"An absolutely terrible game, with not even one good point... "Jul 04, 2002
ClawWindows"An action-adventure that will leave you sitting at your PC for hours!"Aug 24, 2001
Oddworld: Munch's OddyseeXbox"An oddly odd game."Jun 24, 2002
KaratekaDOS"An Unforgettable game."Aug 22, 2001
Gran Turismo 3: A-specPlayStation 2"A strong candidate for the best driving game ever."May 03, 2002
Command & ConquerWindows"At last a REAL Real-time game!"Sep 30, 2001
Pokémon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu EditionGame Boy"Better than Pokemon Blue, and RPG just keeps getting better!"Oct 14, 2001
Mortal Kombat: Deadly AllianceXbox"Blood. Gore. Brains. Hearts. People Blowing up. Utterly idiotic."May 10, 2003
Pokémon Gold VersionGame Boy Color"Certainly one of the best games of all time..."Apr 20, 2002
StuntsDOS"Coming from the creators of the "Test Drive" catastrophe: A FABULOUS GAME!!"Jun 14, 2002
Dead or Alive 2PlayStation 2"Dead or Alive 3 is better, but this game is still a fantastic experience!"May 03, 2002
SkyRoadsDOS"Drive on roads that are out of this world!"Aug 25, 2001
Dangerous Dave's Risky RescueDOS"Extremely Saddening Sequel to the first 2 amazing Platformers."Nov 09, 2001
FIFA 2000Game Boy Color"Fifa 98 and 2001 are way better."Sep 27, 2001
Tomb RaiderDOS"Great Game, Lots of action and adventure."Jan 24, 2002
Pokémon Trading Card GameGame Boy Color"Great Game! POKEMON RULE!"Apr 20, 2002
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