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Alternative Software is based in Castleford in Yorkshire, England (UK), and initially specialized in budget games for 8-bit cassette-based machines such as the Spectrum and C64. The company was established by Roger Hulley, and Dave Palmer who had previously co-founded Alligata Ltd. before leaving that company in 1986.

Alternative's titles were mostly new releases, although a few were reissues from other companies such as Durrel. They also released licenses ranging from Thomas the Tank engine to Andy Capp to Doctor Who. Alternative Software recently celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2005 Widely perceived as one of the major companies in the UK games industry, and with over 300 titles to its name, Alternative Software was first established in 1985 and continues to grow thanks to success in global territory deals. During the 80s and 90s, Alternative created a slew of commercially successful games for the then popular BBC, Spectrum and Commodore 64, Amiga Atari St and PC home computer systems. Several games were based on well-known children's characters, notably Thomas The Tank Engine, Fireman Sam and the best-selling Postman Pat. Educational titles emerged soon after, followed by a series of collectable CD ROMs and computer accessories.

More recently, Alternative has enjoyed success with titles based on major film licenses, particularly The Lord of the Rings trilogy,The Hulk.Shrek, Ice Age 2 Wallace and Gromit Plus sports titles such as the sell-out success of 2003' Super League Rugby League (SLRL) for PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC, plus a top forty hit in 2005 withSuper League Rugby League 2 the sequel Alternative continues to develop new products and acquire new character licenses with leading licensors such as Marvel, DreamWorks and Aardman Animations In 2006 it launched Frankie Dettori Racing on Playstation 2, XBox and PC, plus it started releasing mobile phone games It has also now joined Game Republic, an influential regional alliance of high-tech companies operating in the computer and video games business.


Rugby League Team Manager 2018(2017)
Rugby Union Team Manager 2017: Season 2017/18 Update(2017)
Rugby Union Team Manager 2017(2016)
MOP: Operation Cleanup(2016)
Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge(2011)
Rugby League 2(2005)
NRL Rugby League(2003)
Quivering, The(1998)
Final Gate, The(1996)
Super League Pro Rugby(1996)
Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Pinball(1995)
Sci-Fi Collection, The(1994)
Death Mask(1994)
Classic Arcadia & Baby Arcadia(1994)
Postman Pat Hit Collection, The(1993)
'Allo 'Allo! Cartoon Fun!(1993)
Magic Rufus(1993)
Huckleberry Hound in Hollywood Capers(1993)
4 Most Super Sports(1993)
High Steel(1993)
Suburban Commando(1993)
Popeye 3: WrestleCrazy(1992)
Reckless Rufus(1992)
Kids Pack(1992)
4 Most Thrillers(1992)
Dalek Attack(1992)
4 Most Super Sports(1992)
Classic Arcadia 2(1992)
Bangers & Mash(1992)
4 Most Big Hits(1992)
Count Duckula 2 Featuring Tremendous Terence(1992)
4 Most Toppers(1992)
Bully's Sporting Darts(1992)
Classic Arcadia 3(1992)
Postman Pat 3: To the Rescue(1992)
4 Most World Sports(1991)
4 Most Fun(1991)
4 Most Speedstunts(1991)
4 Most Warzone(1991)
Popeye 2(1991)
Double Dare(1991)
Fireman Sam(1991)
4 Most Fight and Fright(1991)
4 Most Cute(1991)
Harrier 7(1991)

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Company location and contact (1990)

Alternative Software Limited
Units 3-7 Baileygate Industrial Estate
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom

Telephone : 0977 790243

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